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New Ford Technology That Helps Forestall Fuel Theft

The sales executives at Maritime Ford – the number 1 Ford agency in Manitowoc, Wisconsin – know that gas theft is a serious issue. This is why they are so thrilled about the new technology from Ford which will help deter gas thieves without any additional work on the part of the auto owner. The Ford Simple Fuel feature is intended to simply let fuel in and make it hard to get fuel out. “Our first objective is to make the refueling process as straightforward and trouble-free for the customer as possible,” claimed Brian Aitken, supervisor, Fuel Systems. “But if it also slows down would-be burglars.

Ford clients benefit that way as well.” . Reports of petrol theft have been going up across the US, from New Jersey to California to Wisconsin. And due to this, clients have become more acutely aware of what’s in their fuel tank and how safe it is from burglary.

“It isn’t a shock that illegal siphoning is rising with the steep rise in the price at the pump,” said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petrol analyst for our net website an independent website that monitors the fuel industry. “Perpetrators will do anything for money, and this includes making an attempt to take liquid gold out of your gas tank,” he continued. Straightforward Fuel has a unique mis-fueling inhibitor to reduce improper refueling and siphoning.

The inhibitor consists of a fuel nozzle detector that guides the nozzle to the opening. “Unless they understand how the mis-fueling inhibitor works and come prepared, many wannabe fuel thieves are unsuccessful in siphoning fuel from Ford vehicles,” said Aitken. “For another level of deterrence, a customer can buy a locking cover,” Aitken expounded. The locking covers are available for buying from Ford and Lincoln dealers. Local residents who have questions about this or any other Ford technology are prompted to stop by Maritime Ford – the premiere new and used Ford dealer in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and nearby areas.

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