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Nissan GT-R Police Car Is Real, Stanced And Fast

It exists. GT-R police car is real and stanced. You may see it at the New York Auto Show

Published April 13, 2017

Nissan 370Z is on its last legs. The GT-R, we have to say, is too. Despite that cool release, the R35 Godzilla is actually an old supercar killer. Nissan knows it too. So, why not play with it while it lasts. And this is what they have come up with – a Nissan GT-R Police Car. Yes, it’s a Copzilla. Better welcome it nicely.

Nissan GT-R Police car

Here is the deal.

The R35 GT-R kept its iconic 565hp, 469lb-ft V6 engine. So, it’s stock. But fast, as we have witnessed more that we thought we would. However, the changes do include fine police livery, cool Skyline Metro Police Department and full police lights all over. You see, the Copzilla Police Pursuit #23, is part of the imaginary Skyline Metro Police Department. It received golden stripes, LED light bar, all the badges, and a massive rear wing.

Nissan GT-R Police car

This Nissan GT-R Police Car Stanced to Serve and Protect

Ok, it is stanced. 22-inch wheels fit under the fenders thanks to fully adjustable new suspension specially installed to make the car look meaner and angrier. Designed to up the ante at the New York Auto Show, the 2018 Nissan GT-R Police Car certainly looks threatening. You would not want to see one in your rearview mirror for sure. What you would like is to see it actually doing its job down there in “Mexico”. Just imagine the look on the face of a driver with a police Nissan GT-R lining next to him. It has to happen.

You are doomed.

More or less, you’d have to have at least a to outrun it, or be a really good driver in a . The GT-R surely has enough speed to catch some of the fastest cars of the day.

Nissan GT-R Police car

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