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Oberdan Bezzi’s Kawasaki ER-6 Concepts

Who ever thought that an ER-6 could look so appealing? It’s probably one of the most vanilla motorcycles out there: a good ol’ faithful, nothing unexpected, standard parallel twin motorcycle – but not when left to the artistic stylings of Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi.

So here are his latest concepts, this time in their based on that yawn of an Kawasaki ER-6 platform. One is a svelte and sharp looking café racer, the other is a fairly tough looking scrambler. Now, we’ve seen a lot of , but if you don’t recognize the name, let us put it simply: he’s the man. If you have an appreciation for Ducati, Cagiva, Aprilia, Benelli and Moto Guzzi, then the chances are that you’ve seen some of his illustrations made manifest. He’s the man.

In the past, he’s been an outside design consultant for these big names and now, his designs are making significant waves across the internet. These are his latest sketches. The first, called Froggie, is a café racer inspired machine that does away with the ER-6’s sharper angles and gives the machine a far more classic stance. With clip on bars, a round headlight, softer lines and spoked wheels, it turns the “Plane Jane” ER-6 into a whole new machine.

The second of the concepts, is called the Koyote. It’s fairly obvious that this concept has a scrambler theme running straight through the core of it. To make the idea possible, Bezzi has added a little travel to the suspension, with taller forks and a longer monoshock, and opted for taller and wider bars. Not to mention the usual bash plate and knobbly tires.

The question is, why aren’t already doing something like this? Despite the minor bashing I just gave the ER-6, which is completely unfounded or warranted (because it is exactly what it’s supposed to be) – why hasn’t the machine been expanded to accommodate more models? It’s a great base platform to jump into a wide range of models. As you can see here, it wouldn’t take a hell of a lot of effort to make two remarkable motorcycles, that would definitely appeal to the modern motorcyclist. If I had an ER-6 in the garage, I’d be taking these images directly to my local custom garage and fab shop, to add a bit of spice to this stalwart commuter machine. Wouldn’t you?


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