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The Next Age Off-Road In The Suzuki e-Survivor Concept

e-Survivor As An all Electric Small off-roader For Ultimate Fun

Published October 6, 2017

Suzuki is probably best known for its small offroaders and cheap SUVs. Sure, many of which have been rather quirky in their appearance and definitely defied the usual ideals of the class. We can all remember the Vitara, , and . Now, their latest concept car called the Suzuki E-Survivor certainly makes a case for the X-90 successor. In some sense at least. Obviously, the e-Survivor takes basic proportions of the X-90 with a two-seat layout, short front and back overhangs and an open top construction.

Suzuki e-survivor concept

New e-Survivor should make its first appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. It will possibly announce the coming of the all-new Jimny (despite looking as an X-90 successor). While still featuring classic off-roader qualities, the Suzuki E-Survivor comes with electric power. Four electric motors housed behind four wheels are what makes its four-wheel drive system. This is, obviously, quite an asset considering that all the motors can be managed completely independently and provide torque when needed and as much as needed in real time.

Suzuki e-survivor concept

Considering rather short overhangs – front and back, the e-Survivor obviously can provide a quite comprehensive set of off-road abilities. Massive off-road wheels and extreme clearance up the ante in that department as well. Now, the four-wheel drive with the in-wheel e motors made it possible for Suzuki to make the e-Survivor feature a freaking ladder frame chassis. Not exactly a thing one can expect to see on new cars available today.

Suzuki e-Survivor Is A Tiny Off-roader

The e-Survivor is not exactly a big car. Ok, it is a small one measuring only 136 inches in length, 65 inches in width and 65.5 inches in height, with a wheelbase of only 90.55 inches. The Suzuki is already in a late stage of development of the new Jimny. It will, as this concept, sport a ladder frame chassis. Not an electric propulsion though. In there one can expect a one-liter Boosterjet three-cylinder motor.

Suzuki e-survivor concept

As for the e-Survivor Concept, you may be more than surprised to know that Suzuki thinks of it as of the futuristic car which should reach the market far in the future. Considering Suzuki celebrates its centenary in 2020, this car almost follows the same ethos as BMW centenary concept cars revealed earlier.

Nevertheless, it seems quite interesting to see that Suzuki plans to keep the steering wheel, analog gauges and other “normal car stuff” for the time when the autonomous drive will be a norm.

Suzuki e-survivor concept


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