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$2.7 Million Dollar Pagani Huayra BC Red Masterpiece On The US Soil

It is the second Pagani Huayra BC in the US And it’s awesome

Published June 9, 2017

This is the second Pagani Huayra BC in the US, and it is unlike any other Huayra to ever grasp our soil. The car, delivered by the Miller Motorsport to Connecticut, was specifically tailored for the customer and it received some really amazing additions, the most amazing of which are 24 karat gold crowns under the rear flaps. Actually, there is a bit of a story behind this. The owner’s friend fitted the crowns to the Huayra as a birthday present. What a present this is! It is good to be rich, isn’t it!?

Pagani Huayra BC

So, the story about this Huayra BC is quite amazing. The car does feature naked carbon. Anyone can see the weaving pattern, but it does have that deep cool red tint giving the car a somewhat sinister and mysterious appearance. Then, one can see the tricolor striping. Italian flag stripes adorn the hood making a great contrast to the deep red finish we can see here.

Pagani Huayra BC

The interior closely follows the artistic features so boldly pronounced on the outside. While it looks amazing by itself, the owner, known on Instagram as Sparky18888, gave it a total makeover choosing black aluminum, two-tone red and white leather and dark carbon fiber finish. It looks stunning. While the base price for the Huayra starts at the $2.7 million, this one probably raised the stakes by half a mil. After all, it seems that everything is dramatically personalized on it.

Pagani Huayra BC As A Luxurious Racecar

Pagani Huayra BC

For those unaware, let us just say that is the ultimate in what Pagani can make. This car features 840hp engine provided by the Mercedes-AMG. At the dry weight of 2685 lbs, it is one of the lightest Huayta cars ever produced. Actually, the Huayra BC may be the most outstanding cars to ever come out of Italy. It’s powerful, super fast and, we presume, an amazing experience in its own.

Pagani Huayra BC

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