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‘Path 22’ – BMW’s Scrambler Concept

Last month we wrote a couple of articles concerning a certain Scrambler; one was a custom build, the other was a (if that makes sense?) and both highlighted the fact that a BMW Scrambler machine, based on the incredible R nineT, was somewhere in the pipeline. What we have here isn’t definitive proof that a BMW based Scrambler is coming anytime soon, it does show that they’re certainly pushing the idea. This officially sanctioned BMW Scrambler concept is called the ‘Path 22’ and it was unveiled at the recent Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz, France.

BMW have taken the surf vibe on board and built their first Scrambler concept. Now, eagle eyed readers will notice that it bears a striking resemblance to the mock ups (penned by MCN) that we showed you recently, with the simple addition of a few graphics and a surf board rack – and that’s a good thing, because even though the last example we showed you was nothing more than a drawing, we were all very excited.

teamed up with artist Ornamental Conifer and surfboard builder Dyer Brand to build this stylishly customized R nineT machine. The artwork from Ornamental Conifer and surf board designs from Dyer Brand takes draws inspiration directly from the golden age of surfing and motorcycle scrambling, the 1950s and the result, as you can see, is flawless.

In essence, the R nineT ‘Path 22’ Scrambler Concept is exactly what a Scrambler should be – it’s stripped down, with large studded tires wrapped around a large front wheel, perfect for smashing through sand and gravel, with a sleek and elegant finish. It looks the part but underneath the aesthetic touches lie a whole host of high performance parts.

You can spot the stainless steel Akrapovic pipes from a mile away but the R nineT is also equipped with Ohlins suspension, milled parts from Roland Sands Design, an instrument cluster from MotoGadget, exclusive aluminum wheels by BMW Motorrad and a few choice parts from Gilles Tooling. It’s top end quality and with that much wizardry on board, you should be able to go anywhere you want on it – and according to , the Head of BMW Motorrad’s Vehicle Design section: “the Path 22 stands for freedom of thought and expression,” so it moves the body as well as the soul then? Ola continues: “With this bike, whatever you like is allowed, as at the Wheels & Waves festival. The Concept Path 22 is based on the BMW R nineT, which we see as the epitome of a custom bike – designed to be modified and customised according to individual preferences. So the idea of a BMW Scrambler is not new to us but now seemed like just the right to time to present our interpretation of this legendary bike concept.”

Whether that enormous engine will actually be able to ‘scramble’ is yet to be seen but the recent unveiling wasn’t about overall performance, it was a concept idea and a beautiful one at that. The Path 22 is adorned with the classic artwork of Ornamental Conifer, from the mudguards to the headlight and all across the gas tank. If that wasn’t enough, this particular concept comes equipped with a fully adjustable and fully removable surf board rack made of leather and aluminum, perfectly marrying the two worlds of motorcycling and surfing together.

And the name? Well, the “Path 22” is an insider secret amongst the European surfing community and refers to a small track that leads down to a lonely stretch of beach and the track just happens to be called “Path 22” – apparently.

The Wheels and Wave festival might be over but if you want to take a closer look at some of the bikes that made an appearance there, click some of these links. We recommend the masterpiece, or !


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