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Patriot Campers LC79 – A True Off-Road Beast

Patriot Campers LC79 is a real outdoor bad boy. Just imagine a Christmas Eve setting and your significant other starts freaking out as she forgot about the thyme for her turkey stuffing. “I need thyme! It has to be fresh! Fresh or nothing!”. So, you hop to your Patriot Campers LC79 and head to the nearest store. But, we all know that the first store will be closed.Then, you floor the V8 turbo diesel engine to head to the next one, and they are also out. So, you think about heading to Costco on the other side of town. But, you know it’s dried out and already brown in color. That’s no good! So you say – screw it! Let’s get that thyme even if we have to traverse ravine, rock, and sludge to get to the nearest thyme farm.

With a built-in GME TX3550S nav system, you won’t care if it’s in the middle of nowhere. With the on-board kitchenette for refrigeration, you’ll know that thyme will be delivered as fresh as possible.Patriot Campers LC79 has a 100% aluminum body with rigid construction, which makes it both very strong and lightweight. It has a towing capability with a high payload support. A Patriot Campers LC79 comes standard with the following:

  • GXL – Dual Cab
  • EFS Suspension – Upgraded to 3,800 KG
  • Chassis Extension LC79 (300mm)
  • Patriot SuperTourer Body
  • Rear And Front Winches
  • TJM Barwork
  • Electric Pump
  • Clearview Mirrors
  • Undertray Water Tank
  • HEMA HN7
  • Various Integrate Storage
  • Kitchenette that duals as oversized toolboxesIf you are going to be a real off-road conqueror, then there’s no other vehicle that can help you achieve that than the Patriot Campers LC79.

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