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Updated January 4, 2015

Today on GearHeads we look at the fascinating work of automotive photographer Dom Romney and speak with him about his profession and what all it entails. Though we have all seen photos of cars that take our breath away we rarely get to know the story behind the photograph and what all took place in order to get that perfect picture. This is our interview with Dom, enjoy.


GearHeads – So how did you get started with automotive photography?


Dom – I grew up with cars; my parents are both Gearheads so I spent my childhood growing up in the garage smelling of petrol fumes and burnt rubber. The photography came primarily as something to keep me as a child entertained when we were away at car shows or racing. From there I followed photography as I left school and started shooting news and features for a newspaper agency. I kind of moved around a couple of different companies in a 3 year period and came to the conclusion that the journalistic news and features wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. I was 19 at the time and came to the conclusion that if I wanted to shoot motorsport and automotive work for a living, now seemed a good a time as any to give it a go so I jumped in with both feet and here I am nearly 4 years later.


GearHeads – It appears that you have traveled from Abu Dhabi to the Bonneville Salt Flats, is there any certain location that stuck out from others?


Dom – They all have their quirks, from seeing the curvature of the earth at Bonneville and looking down on the clouds on Pikes Peak to the incredible fans at Suzuka grand prix and the complete insanity that is formula1 in Monaco. I couldn’t pick one, each has its own set of challenges and rewards I love that I’m fortunate enough to shoot in a mix of different locations and cultures


GearHeads – I have seen your work from Rat-Rods to Formula 1, is there any certain era or type of vehicle that you prefer to shoot?


Dom – I’m a hot rodder at heart if I had the time there would be a 32 deuce highboy sat in my garage in a heartbeat. I just find there simple elegance captivating it’s the same with the American muscle there is just something about it that no modern hyper engineered car can give you.

GearHeads – It appears you are very good at giving perspective on more than just the cars themselves, anything in particular that you’re trying to capture during these shoots?


Dom – Cars are a corner stone of modern life and they have the ability to evoke some of our strongest emotions when being driven. Every car helps stir a different set of emotion in a different way. It’s this spirit of driving that I try to put in ever picture, and hopefully give the viewer just a glimpse as to what it’s like to experience that machine


GearHeads – Are there any particular stories from your profession that you care to share?


Dom – There are too many, I never know where to start, one day I’ll sit down and put them all in a book. People often assume that I live a glamorous life, with a job filled exotic cars and tropical locations they just figure I spend my free time partying on yachts and sleeping in 5 star hotels. The truth of the matter is far removed, no where quite sums it up like the Korean GP, Mokpo which is the host city of the race is little more than a container port for the other 51 weeks of the year that is catering for the needs of the sailors while they wait for their ship to leave. So hotels are little more than sex hotels, that you hire by the hour. Last year our accommodation had two double beds, four showers a mirror on the ceiling and a noose in the corner of the room. That’s the glamorous life of F1 for you!
GearHeads – Do you have a car collection or the possibility of you getting a certain car of your own?


Dom – I’d love to but I simply don’t have time, they would just sit there gathering dust and that’s not fair, car deserved to be driven and enjoyed. If I could have any car I think it would have to be the Mercedes SLS black an utterly brutal machine and one of the best driving experiences I’ve ever had.
GearHeads – For someone who wishes to get into your line of awesome work, is there any advice you would like to give?


Dom – Totally don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, look at the work of the established photographer figure out what you like and then try to put those elements into your own work. Then just go and take pictures, digital is great it’s free, the only way to learn is by taking lots of pictures and learn from them


A big thanks to Dom for spending time with us as the man is always on the move. It is apparent that he has a talent in photography and a passion for all things automotive. If you would like to see more of his work or follow him through social media then visit the sites through the links below.


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