Rare 1967 Shelby GT500 Rediscovered On Canadian Island

Who doesn’t want to find a 67 GT500?

Updated May 11, 2017

A forgotten classic seeing the light of day after many years in storage is always an exciting day. This 1967 Shelby GT500 has been hiding away in a garage for more than 30 years. Not only that but it also happens to be one of a limited run which makes it even more special.

30 years ago the now previous owner, Sam, bought it in pieces with the intent of rebuilding it. Then life does what it does best and got in the way so the Shelby was shelved. Then just recently John Lingham got wind that there was a Shelby nearby for sale. Having a friend in common on Facebook was all it took for him to start lusting after the rare beauty.

After some back and forth, he was able to go and visit the Shelby which was in rough shape. It had built up 30 years of dust, debris, and dry decay. After confirming the VIN with SAAC to make sure it was original, his quest to fetch it was on.

It started with leaving home with truck and trailer to head out at 5am for several hours on the road as well as ferries. Finally seeing it in person he knew it was in a condition that could still be restored. There was no engine or transmission but those only took him days to locate. The original 428 is being replaced with another of the same and came with matching carbs.

The cowl and quarters showed rust, the floor had holes, and the hood scoops were missing but it was a real Shelby. Confirming the VIN told John that it was a limited edition run of only 49 cars. These were American built and finished with Lime Gold paint as well as a parchment interior. Unfortunately, the original Shelby tag was one more thing that was missing under the hood.

Some more details revealed that this Shelby had only ever seen 31,438 miles on the road. The four speed transmission with the car looks to be from a four speed Cobra Jet. With so many parts missing or in rough shape, John has quite a bit of work ahead of him. That said, he’s building from a still solid platform so we have high hopes for the project.

Finally, having his 1967 Shelby home, John is realizing a lifelong dream of wanting to restore one. He already has a collection of other classic Mustangs with one more for the family. The couple that had kept this rough classic in their garage are happy seeing their car headed for a new restored life.

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