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Rented McLaren 650S Rams into Tree

Party Goers Redefine Wedding Crashing

When a UK wedding party went to the extent of renting a McLaren 650S for the event, you know the people driving must be fiery or eager to prove something. When that same driver wraps the supercar around a tree, it is revealed that they’re clueless as to how a supercar is operated. The main cause was not, in fact, triggered by the driver’s direct lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of education on the system’s launch feature. Regardless, this guy’s definitely not getting his deposit back.

While the 614-horsepower supercar comes from the dealership with an instruction manual, it would appear that the rental agency neither read it nor did they offer any kind of necessary instruction before turning the car loose to the unsuspecting renter. No one was seriously injured during the accident besides someone’s pride and pocket book. Since the airbags deployed and the front end was pushed back far enough to see the frame, it would appear that the McLaren was a total loss. However, the windshield glass was not broken, and if the tree missed the frame there may be hope just yet for some kind of salvage.

The supercar was surely rented to make an impression, but not likely the impression that was made. The pictures may look bad, but it’s important to remember that the front, rear, and sides of these vehicles are meant to completely deteriorate upon a crash. It may be the only reason the people inside and everything beyond the firewall was protected so well.

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