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Reskinning Work Makes 4th Generation Camaro Look Like A 1st Generation Model

Of the five million Camaro models that have rolled out of factories over the years, hoe can you choose just one? Some people would resort to owning more than one, maybe a classic as well as a modern one.

Another angle would to buy a new Camaro that has been remodeled as an earlier version like Kentucky’s London Auto Sales has done 19 times. We’re not sure what kind of a market there is for retro modified vehicles but there has to be someone out there to love it.

The Donor Vehicle

What we see here is actually a 2001 model, a fourth generation Camaro hiding in classic skin. The Z28 underneath has been completely retrofitted on the interior and carries an LS6 under the hood. The aluminum block comes out of the crate at 405 horsepower and sends that to the rear wheels through a four speed auto.

Retro Modified for Authenticity

According to the creators, the Camaro’s body work is all complete from an original first gen. None of it has been copied with plastic or fiberglass because those would feel like cheating at the work. The interior has been as closely refitted as possible, right down the upholstery.

Up For Sale 16 Years Later

This retro mod vehicle was created back in 2001 for a reported cost of $150,000 from start to finish. It’s made its way out and away from its starting point in Kentucky to Lisle, Illinois. Bill Kay Chevrolet has it listed for the bargain price of just $56,990. If this price looks familiar, that’s because it’s almost the full price of a loaded 6th Gen ZL1.

It may seem a little steep for the average Camaro fan, and far too much for casual muscle car buyers. For the right person, this may be right in the sweet spot because these retro mods are unique. We’re not entirely sure how to feel about this car so we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.



James Murrell
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I love to research and admire all sorts of vehicles from restored classics to top shelf supercars, monstrous offroaders to weird concept vehicles. I absolutely adore any vehicle I can get behind the wheel of.

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