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Sbarro Mojave As An Euro Hot Rod Americans Would Love

Sbarro cars are not exactly super popular. Yet, they are more than exotic and more than lucid in their appearance. Prepared for the 87th International Motor Show in Geneva, Sbarro crafted something we may call a 21’st century hot rod. It is called the Sbarro Mojave and it may be one of the most outrageous and amazing creations revealed in Geneva.

Sbarro Mojave

Sbarro, located in the east of France in a town called the Montbéliard, has been known for its interesting car concepts for years. However, the newest one for Geneva bears a name associated with the US. Students at the Ecole Espera Sbarro designed and developed the car giving it a name closely linked with hot rod culture. Not the first time students work to create . As some will know, classic hot rod races started at the Mojave so students thought it would be appropriate to honor the whole cultural movement like that.

Sbarro Mojave

Sbarro Mojave Is A Modern Car We Should Drive

Yes, it is a modern car with Bosch developed haptic feedback functions and touch sensors. Furthermore, it employs a Jaguar V8 four liter engine. It is not the latest engine Jaguar developed, but an N/A beast with 294hp. If we are to guess, the engine could be from something like a Jaguar XK. Then, students mated the engine with a BMW-sourced five-speed manual transmission. Considering it employs a composite body, the car certainly has a flair for theatrical appearance. It weighs only 2,336 lbs.

Sbarro Mojave

What’s the bottom line?

As a desert-inspired hot rod, the Sbarro Mojave roadster may be the best bet for an appearance in the US. In fact, realistically there is not any chance it will be getting on the streets of the US in any form of production. Sad as it would be even nicer with an LSX under the hood.

Sbarro Mojave Sbarro Mojave Sbarro Mojave Sbarro Mojave

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