Sedan Embarasses All Imaginable Supercars In The World’s Greatest Drag Race

MotorTrend Is At It Again With An Awesome Drag Race

Published October 12, 2017

It is called the World’s Greatest Drag Race for a reason. MotorTrend started it a few years back and this year’s drag race is their seventh installment.

world greatest drag race

Held at the Vandenberg Air Force Base on pristine tarmac used by the Air Force, a three-mile-long airstrip hosted a race between these monsters:
– 503hp
– 600hp
– 650hp
– 460hp
– 661hp
– 467hp
– 562hp
– 577hp
– 600hp
– 350hp
– 580hp
– 680hp

Twelve astonishing new-age supersedans and supercars represent the royalty of the car world right now. Sure, we could add a couple of really exciting cars, but let’s just wait for next year to see the World’s greatest drag race evolve again.

Electric Tesla Model S P100D Violently Dominated The Track

While the Tesla Model S P100D did take the win (which makes us think that e-motors will make ICEs obsolete really fast), some far more intriguing results were a bit further back. See, the astonishing 570GT did, in fact, handle its fight with the super jumpy 911 Turbo S rather well. Although finishing fourth overall, the McLaren 570GT made to the finish line in 10.7 seconds – only a tenth of a second behind the Turbo S (third) and the Ferrari 488 GTB (second).

tesla model s

After the 570GT we can see two GT Rs; one with a hyphen from Nismo and one without from Mercedes-AMG. The Nismo clocked a time of 11 seconds in the quarter mile while the one from AMG arrived 0.4 seconds later. The AMG was traveling 1 mph faster compared to the 126.8 mph run of the GT-R Nismo.

mclaren 570GT

At the far end was the Lexus LC500, the only car in the 13-second range. Arguably the most astonishing car here is also the slowest. Don’t let that deter you from this fascinating piece of design. The Lexus LC500 is much more than just a sheer straight-line performer.

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