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SEMA 2016’s Most Under Reported Vehicle: The Hellwig-Lance Titan XD Rig

It’s hard to imagine a vehicle at SEMA 2016 flying under the radar with so many cool features. A Nissan Titan XD, a Lance camper, and Hellwig Products come together to make an awesome getaway vehicle. As could be expected from the high end show, there’s more here than meets the eye.

Prep for this build required the Titan to be able to carry a much heavier payload than normal. This led to a heavy duty ladder style frame coming in to bulk up its capacity to 2500 pounds. To haul that increased load, there’s now a Cummins V8 turbo diesel engine under the hood. This XD can now churn out 555lb-ft of torque as well as 310 horsepower to take the camper off road.

This isn’t the first time that Hellwig Products showed a camper vehicle at SEMA so they know how it’s done. They started what now seems like a tradition in 2015 with a Ford F150 wearing another Lance camper. However, the lesson they learned last year was that they needed the visual appeal to draw attention.

With this two wheel drive model of the truck, they paired Big Wig air springs for a smoother ride. Their max capacity is 2800 pounds and adjustable pressure allows the driver to customize the ride feel. It also has a new sway bar that keeps the ride steady, especially across uneven terrain.

While aiming for the ultimate overland camper system, there were many changes and revisions made. The front bumper had to go in favor of a lighter one more suited to the off road experience. A light bar helps with way finding in the dark while a removable winch is always useful. The winch can come off of the truck to allow for better approaches when using the Titan in rough terrain.

New 18×9″ wheels are wrapped in aggressive offroading rubber for great grip everywhere. Wider fender flares from Bushwacker keep the mud down and give the truck a wider looking stance. N-Fab supplied side steps that run the length of the cab and also serve as rock sliders. Magna Flow supplies a DPF back stainless steel exhaust which combines sound, durability, and a quality built product.

All in all, including the base model truck and camper, there were 36 purchases made to have this happen. From the smallest $29.99 trailer coupler lock to the Nissan Titan XD itself, the costs added up. Before it even set out to drive to SEMA, the Hellwig-Lance Titan XD Camper Rig already cost $118,871.29.

That seems like quite the price but there are many steps that could be skipped to duplicate the design. Passing on the vinyl for the truck and camper saves $2600 right off the top, for example. This is a build that could inspire consumers to create their own one of a kind camper trucks.

Of course, it isn’t for everyone and won’t match everyone’s tastes but to us it just screams outdoor adventure. It’s more versatile than an RV or a motor home as well as more comfortable than a tent. There are so many more features and small tweaks that this truck has had that we could go on all day. Look for this rig in the future at the Overland Expo where Hellwig Products and Lance Campers will be showing it off next.



James Murrell
About James Murrell

I love to research and admire all sorts of vehicles from restored classics to top shelf supercars, monstrous offroaders to weird concept vehicles. I absolutely adore any vehicle I can get behind the wheel of.

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