“Siluro” – XTR Pepo’s Vicious Ducati Monster 1200 S

Published June 26, 2016

is one of the world’s most incredible custom garages, and certainly the best in Spain. So, it’s no wonder that Ducati Spain put in an order for something completely unique. Taking the as a donor, XTR Pepo have crafted something quite amazing. It’s not very often that a Monster custom turns my head, but this one was just too damn good to skip.

To begin with Pepo Rosell began modifying an OEM tank, to better show off the rear head of the Ducati’s engine. While the tank was being shaped, the next step was to remove the plastic engine covers, the carbon fiber belt covers and the radiator, whilst re-positioning the Monster’s electrical wiring. The next phase included adding a LIPO battery that now sits inside the swing arm. The swing arm itself is an OEM unit that has been meticulously sandblasted and polished, and it now wears Ducati Performance carbon fiber covers.

Being that this was a job for Ducati Spain, it won’t be surprising to learn that there are quite a few Ducati Performance bits and pieces dotted around the bike; the mudguards and license plate holder, the LED turn signals, the CNC machined water pump protector, sprocket cover and the Panigale style foot pegs, to name but a few…

Next up, XTR decided to do what they do best and fabricate some bespoke, custom made features for the project. The rear sub-frame was re-engineered and equipped with an original XTR upholstered solo seat, the front headlight has been re-designed the Pepo way with an ellipsoidal lamp tipped with a modified OEM Monster fairing, and those Ducati Performance pegs mentioned above are now held in place with one-off supports.

The exhaust is probably the most eye catching thing about the whole bike, and it features a specially designed XTR two into one system from SUPERMARIO, tipped with a modified 1200 Termignoni silencer that’s more commonly found on a .

The suspension duties have been outsourced to Ohlins, at the front and the rear, and the Monster now wears a Tsubaki gold chain. The painting responsibilities were handled by Artentura, who have given the Monster a retro themed, but unquestionably cool finish.

As always, XTR Pepo haven’t failed to impress us, and we can’t wait to see their next project.

(Pictures by Cesar Godoy via


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