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Some Guy’s Garage Has Been The Home Of Two New 1987 Buick Grand Nationals For Almost 30 Years

So maybe the 1987 Buick Grand National aren’t in new shape but the miles match

The first thing that would usually come to mind when you think about barns and garages would be beat-up, old cars, but this is not always the case. These two ’ can attest to this fact. The story behind them is just amazing.

According to a Facebook user going by the name of William Avila, he and his pal Shawn Matthews came across these two classics in a small town in Oklahoma where they were going up for sale for $200,000 as a pair. If though they wouldn’t pay that much to get a Buick Grand National, they still had to see them. Upon arriving, they found these two classics having back-to-back VINs, matching window stickers, and their odometers reading 1,399 miles collectively.

Avila stated that one of the 1987 Buick Grand Nationals seemed to have been completely sealed during its entire time in the garage. When opened, the odometer read 592 miles, and it featured a minted interior saved for a headliner; a sagging one at least. Even after sitting in storage for 30 years, it still maintained the new car smell. As for the other , the seller said that he frequently drove it and that’s why the odometer read 807 miles and also had a slightly dirtier interior compared to the first one.

The two friends on this trip did the tour without buying the cars. However, after a month, Matthew came to an agreement with the seller to purchase the pair. Avila says that they will have to carry out some small jobs on the two Grand Nationals to restore them back to their original glory with Matthew’s intent being to keep the two beauties together.

As far as barn tales go, this is an incredible story. It’s normal to come across a basically new car, but coming across two that have consecutive VINs, is the real definition of luck! I’d be happy to have just 1 1987 Buck Grand National in my Garage.

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