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The Sophisticated Hoonigan, The 2015 Ford Focus.

 OK, let’s get straight to it, and begin this look into the new 2015 Ford Focus. Yep, if you didn’t already know, Ford has stepped up their automotive game with this brand new redesign of their beloved, and somewhat really famous Focus.


 As it stands, the Ford Focus has been sold all over the world, and the sales numbers can prove this fact. Get this, since 1998 there have been over 12 million Focuses sold worldwide, with 6.9 million of them being sold in Europe alone. That’s a pretty big accomplishment if I do say so myself. Some of Ford’s recent financial researches bring the Focus’ sale numbers close to being over 1 million for 2013. Now, being that Ford is pretty much on a very high pedestal right now, someone in the design department came up with the brilliant idea to make the Focus grow up a bit, and see where it takes them. Well, by the looks of things, it wasn’t a bad idea.

 The 2015 Ford Focus, has been given a very sophisticated, and ultra modern face lift, that has it somewhat looking like a smaller, and sexier baby sister of the Ford Fusion. First off, you’ll see that the Fusion style grille has found it’s way onto the front fascia, and has inadvertently made the Focus look a lot older than what it used to be. In 2012, when the last Focus took over the world, and Ken Block was behind the wheel of the Focus ST, every young, wild, untamed, wannabe Hoonigan was dropping some serious coin for a Focus. Maybe this time around, Ford will be able to grab some of those older folks, who didn’t believe that a Hoonigan couldn’t grow up.

 Now let’s look at the specs shall we? will be blessed with a few engine options, where one of which will be an EcoBoost 1.5L engine that makes over 175Hp. Right off top, you may be thinking, “Dude, where’s the 242Hp Hoonigan approved 4 banger we love?” Be Calm & Realize….. that this is a Euro spec Focus. From the way it’s being described, Ford will definitely be launching this new version in Europe, because the Brits have been snapping up the Focus ST, as well as the Fiesta ST like there’s no tomorrow. Getting back to the engine specs, there will also be a diesel option, where it’s power range will be offered from between 89Hp to 116Hp respectively. If you already haven’t guessed, these new engines are leaning more towards being uber efficient, than kick your ass fast, and powerful.

 Interior wise, the Ford designers put their good listening ears on, and let the current drivers of the Focus tell them what was good, and bad about it. In the front of the cabin, you’ll find less buttons, but more simplicity. The center stack, and steering wheel have less controls on them, and to add to that greatness, is the new SYNC2 infotainment system that can be controlled via the vibrant looking 8 inch touchscreen. Moving through the rest of the car, you’ll find that the seats are more comfortable, and supportive. Leg room front, and back is still great, if not better than before. But apparently the main thing Ford customers where really griping about was road noise. This problem was resolved with some thicker carpets, thicker side window glass, and better engine bay insulation. Other than that, the all Black interior with the new Chrome trim, really jazzes up the joint.




 I’ll finish up this report with some of the new tech that’s going into the new 2015 Ford Focus. There was a report out, about how Ford has improved upon the whole self parking thing, and then they decided to once again up the ante. Rather than just pulling up to a regular curbside parking space, and backing up with the touch of a button, the new Focus can now tackle parallel parking slots, like the ones you come across at the mall or Walmart. Not even Infiniti, or Mercedes Benz is offering this feature. Then to add to that feature a handful of sensors, that help the driver when he, or she is exiting the parking space, and they can’t see completely around, or through the cars parked next to them. We’ve all been there when we had to slam on the brakes because of some jackass who’s flying by as your backing out of the space. Some more tech goodies in the Focus are, Active City Stop, Adaptive Cruise Control, self adjusting Bi-Xenon HID lights, and even some paddle shifters could be an option for those who want it.

 Here’s what people, if you look at the pics, you’ll see that the new 2015 Ford Focus is, or has done some serious growing up over the past few months, and it has made a real difference in more than it’s outward appearance. The way it drives, the way it looks, they way it makes you feel, is nothing like the last Focus. No, this Focus is intriguing, and savvy, all the while daring Toyota, GM, and anybody else to come knock this crown off of my head, and be a man while you do it. Bold is a befitting word for this new Focus, and I’m going to leave it at that.  


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