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Subaru Viziv Performance Concept To Lend Its Styling All Across The Lineup

Does It Hint At The New WRX?

Published November 2, 2017

Revealed at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show, the Subaru Viziv Performance Concept is a stylistic exercise intended to prepare potential Subaru buyers for a slight design language change. And I am excited. The car looks fantastic with its three-box styling definitely hinting at the next generation WRX. After all, the Viziv Performance Concept takes some of the latest Subaru design features – such as hawk-eye front lights, air scoop and other – and modernizes them with something we could expect for the next generation of .

Subaru Viziv Performance

While it does have four doors, it’s clear that the car makes use of a rather swept back rear portion of the roof. Looks awesome for sure, but let’s be real – it would hamper the headspace at the back quite a bit. So, no, no for production. Don’t be sad though. The Viziv Performance Concept showcased a rather muscular body. Some aspects of which we can expect on the next generation of the WRX and as well.
Subaru Viziv Performance

The Viziv Performance Concept dimensions fall right in between the two. See, the car measures 182.2 inches in length, 76.7 inches in width, 56.3 inches in height. It boasts a generous wheelbase of 107.4 inches. Smaller than the Legacy, but slightly bigger than the WRX.

High-Performance At The Hearth Of The Viziv Performance Concept

Focused on “driving enjoyment”, the Subaru Viziv Performance Concept takes a lesson in drivetrain design from proven Subaru performance cars of before.

Subaru Viziv Performance

Horizontally opposed flat-four links to the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system and channels its power to 20-inch wheels. It will be a fast car for sure. And it could be a track performer as well. The roof is carbon fiber (read: lowered center of gravity). Air scoop is on the hood (and under it is an intercooler). And the fenders are carbon fiber (less weight overall).

Viziv Performance Concept Pioneering Self-Driving Tech

This all, however, pales in comparison with the next generation driving aid systems integrated with the EyeSight.

Subaru Viziv Performance

“With the installation of advanced driver-assist technology, with EyeSight at its core, in anticipation of the future popularisation of self-driving vehicles, in a sports sedan body that will encourage the active enjoyment of driving, it offers a worldview of driving with Enjoyment and Peace of mind that is typical of Subaru.’

Subaru Viziv Performance

With it, Subaru prepares for the world of self-driving cars. The system that is to be developed shall probably debut in cars in 2020. On the other hand, the styling exercise (which does not seem too extreme let me be clear) will lend the most important features to other future Subaru cars. Including SUVs. Even the new seven-seater we expect shortly will take the design prospects of the Viziv Performance Concept and root it in its design.



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