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Massive Scam Leaves Dozens Of Supercars Stolen In London And Moved To Thailand

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As reported by The Guardian, an organized crime circle was running a months-long scam which left many exotic and supercar owners without their cars. Police forces from London and Bangkok are investigating this operation, and there have already been numerous raids in Bangkok’s used car dealerships, and over a hundred of vehicles have already been seized.

The start of the operation was in London, where cars were stolen right from the streets of London. The cars were usually declared stolen only by the owners who mainly bought them on credit, but by that time it was already too late since the cars left the United Kingdom by then. Some cars were even disassembled on the way to Thailand and assembled when they arrived, and with the aid of corrupt customs officials, a number of Aventadors entered Thailand as cheaper and less exclusive Gallardos.

According to the reports, Lamborghinis were by far the most popular choice for the operation, but stolen cars included Porsches, BMWs among other brands. At least thirty dealerships in Bangkok were linked to this crime circle, and so far, almost forty vehicles seized in Thailand were identified as stolen in London. Currently, that’s more than 2.3 million pounds worth of vehicles. Since exotic cars are pretty easy to trace, more positive results are bound to follow in the next months.

Even though Thailand’s justice system is notorious for its inefficiency and corruption, the crime ring will eventually be brought to justice, and the cars happily returned to their rightful owners. All they need to be reunited with their beloved cars is time, but since they certainly don’t lack money, some of them have probably already enjoyed their new exotic rides while waiting for their old ones to return from the uncalled exotic vacation.


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