Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept Is What You Want In Case Of Emergency

Polish designed The Surgo Mountain, but did not disclose if they will build it

Updated September 14, 2017

This is an emergency rescue vehicle, designed by the Polish team at 2sympleks and ready to save your life if needed. Sure it is a freaking 1/10-scale model only at this point, but considering how smartly designed it is, we would not be surprised to see at least one real produced. At least in a concept guise. After all, this is a concept – Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

Contemplating new and better-suited rescue vehicles, the team at 2sympleks managed to craft a machine with seating for eight rescuers inside. Despite so many people on board, the vehicle can further its use with a full safety gear at the back. Not that the Polish revealed real dimensions, but the Surgo Mountain Rescue does not seem like a small machine.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

Of course, the interior is highly modular thus granting the rescuers the option of removing some of the seats making enough space for stretchers. Only, it would not be that easy to load them there as it seems that the rear loading point is at a rather high position. Something design team has to improve for sure.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

But saving people is one thing, but getting there is a whole another problem. Surgo Mountain Rescue tends to face that problem with large clearance massive off road tires, almost 90-degree approach and departure angles and four wheel drive capability.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

The vehicle itself looks like someone mated and and then mounted it with all sorts of aftermarket gear.

Full Off-road suspension for the Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

Long suspension travel is a must, as well as independent setup, and I guess massively powerful winch. Unfortunately, 2sympleks did not disclose what would power the Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept. Maybe electric propulsion!? Probably not as we can see a proper transmission lever on the inside.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

Also, the interior reveals an interestingly positioned massive screen in front of the passenger. Interestingly, all of the space between front seats is occupied by the commands (transmission lever and 4×4 selector), fire extinguisher and a lot of free space. As for that screen in front of the passenger, it would serve as additional navigation display. The passenger would follow the path and actually tell the driver where to drive. The driver, on the other hand, could fully focus on driving. Something you need to do in case of any off-road situation. Smart thinking here.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept

All in all, this is a fine piece of machinery. Only, it exists somewhere on a hard drive and as a 1/10 scale.

Surgo Mountain Rescue Concept


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