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Suter North America – Two Stroke Bliss Arrives In The USA

So you want a Suter MMX 500, eh?

Suter North America is now a thing – so if you ever wanted to get your hands on a , your chances have just dramatically improved. If you want to offer up your thanks, you’d better send an email to the(yeah, the one) because the partnership deal is the result of their hard work. Arch are now the sole, exclusive importer of Suter’s absolutely amazing motorcycles for the whole of North America. In return, Suter have become the sole distributor and importer of Arch’s motorcycles in Europe. And while the Arch KRGT-1 is pretty cool, we think North America got the better half of the deal.

How Much Is A Suter MMX Then!?

Well, to address the most important question, the answer is: not particularly cheap. But then again, Suter aren’t exactly your average motorcycle manufacturer, are they? If you want an extraordinary motorcycle, you’ve got to pay extraordinary prices. For a motorcycle that weighs in at less than 280 lb wet and produces around 195 horsepower, you’re going to have to find around $125,000 (or 120,000 CHF) if you want to buy one. These are though, and that’s not a bad price at all. The Suter models available through Arch will be the Suter MMX 500 two-stroke GP racer, the MMX1 MotoGP race bike, the MMX 2 Moto2 spec bike, and the MMX 3 Moto3 spec racer.

Since Arch are helping Suter sell their machines in North America, Suter will also be working in a close partnership with the Arch Motorcycle Company, helping them make their KRGT-1 model fully Euro4 compliant. Together, they make an odd pairing – but we’re glad these strange bed fellows hit it off. Here’s what the two companies had to say:

Suter CEO Maurizio Bäumle: “We at Suter are pleased and proud to have found an enthusiastic partner in Arch Motorcycle Company. Both our companies share the same vision in regards to technical perfection, but I think it is our mutual passion for riding that ultimately makes this a perfect partnership. Whether out on the road or on the track, both Arch and Suter endeavor to capture the joy of riding in all our motorcycles. We look forward to working alongside Arch to make our bikes the best they can possibly be.”

Arch Motorcycles co-founder and designer, Gard Hollinger added: “The undisputed technical prowess Suter brings in precision motorcycle manufacturing is what really excites us about working together. We’re extremely excited about the engineering resources that Suter brings to the table, which really are unparalleled and will be a great asset to our Arch team as we continue to develop some of the best motorcycles in the world.”


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