The Suzuki “VISION” GSX-R750 Concept! What Is This?

Introducing The Suzuki Vision Concept

Updated August 15, 2018

Now this might appear to be only a drawing, it has actually been drawn around real, and genuine patent sketches. This image was brought us from the Japanese magazine Young Machine, but don’t let its slightly fictional appearance fool you. has no intention of dropping the mighty GSX-R750 from its line up, and an all new engine has just been registered with the relevant authorities in Japan. To put it simply: the GSX-R750 ain’t going anywhere. It was noticeably absent at INTERMOT, and while this incarnation will be somewhat different to whatever 2017 will bring, it’s not the end of the line for the venerable sports bike. At what’s this? This “Suzuki VISION” concept is oil cooled? Well, apparently so.

Suzuki Vision Concept

The Suzuki Vision Is A Sight To Behold

You might be thinking “why would Suzuki bother to take a decades old design and give it a touch of modern treatment?” and your question will remain unanswered, but these patents that Suzuki have filed are very real. Making a relic from the late 1980s Euro4 compliant will be a stretch, but it seems that Suzuki have a vested interest in doing exactly that. We’ll put the drawings below for you to take a look at.

Suzuki Vision Concept 2 Suzuki Vision Concept 3

So there you have it. We don’t know the “why” behind the idea, but Suzuki are definitely planning on doing something with an oil-cooled GSX-R750. Hopefully it will be a cool retro take on the 750 platform, drawing inspiration from the ’85 model up until the 1990. Suzuki haven’t yet jumped on the “modern take of an old classic” like the engineers at the other manufacturers has the CB1100, has the SCR950, are fighting back with the , and ’s Scrambler range has already taken the world by storm…Perhaps an updated and modernized version of the late ‘80s spec GSX-R750 will be Suzuki’s answer? It would buck the trend, but in a good way.

Suzuki Vision Concept 4 Suzuki Vision Concept 5

Who knows though? We just hope the illustrators from Young Machine have had a tip from someone inside the Hamamatsu factory, because we’re loving what we’re seeing.


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