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How About An Electric Cruiser? Introducing The Tacita T-Cruise!

This Is The Tacita T-Cruise – The Next Generation Electric Cruiser!

Italian electric motorcycle firm Tacita might be better known for making off-road electric bikes…but all that will soon change because the Tacita T-Cruise is ready to make a big impression on the electric market. Specifically, Tacita are targeting the American market, and to win our hearts and minds they’ve decided to package their superb electric technology into a cruiser shaped machine. Until now, if you wanted an electric motorcycle with cruiser DNA your choice was limited to the . But those days are over.

The Tacita T-Cruise Electric Cruiser

Tacita haven’t released much information about their new T-Cruise model yet, but we know that it’s based upon the firms already successful three-phase induction motor, that comes complete with a five-speed gearbox. That’s right – understand that many motorcyclists are reluctant to embrace electric technology because of the lack of a clutch and gearbox. Since most of Tacita’s models are off-road machines, they added a proper gearbox for better power control, and because it puts old-school motorcyclists at ease. Selectable engine mappings are also included in the package too.

But what about the power and the range? So far, we know that Tacita will be offering the T-Cruise in three different flavors: a 7.5 kWh version that will cost around $11k, a 15 kWh version that will cost around $15k, and a range topping 27 kWh that will sell for just under $25k. As you might have guessed, the higher the kWh and the price tag, the more advanced the Li-Po battery pack. The most expensive version, the 27 kWh unit, boasts a range 168 miles, which is quite impressive, all things considered. And rumor has it that Tacita will be offering an even more advanced model – but we won’t be seeing that until November’s EICMA show.

Either way, those Li-Po batteries are good for 2000 cycles – which is about 335,540 miles in real terms – and they come with a five year guarantee too. As for the rest of the bike? We know that it has a steel frame, supported by 41mm front forks with adjustable pre-load, Metzler rubbers, Brembo brakes (with regenerative capabilities) and a wide range of custom options.

At the moment, Tacita doesn’t have an established dealership network in the USA, but since the Tacita T-Cruise was built for the North American market, expect that to change very soon. So what do we think? It’s electric. It’s got gears. It looks the part. But would you buy one?


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