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Tesla Driver Stuck In the Desert For A Very Simple Mishap

Ryan Negri, a owner, wanted to shoot some photos of the surrounding mountains in Las Vegas. Perhaps, he also thought that it was the best time to test the new keyless feature of the Tesla Model. This new feature allows the owner to monitor the car via the Tesla app. Furthermore, it also allows the opening of the doors and starting of the engine.

It could be that when Ryan Negri wants to test something, he fully commits. And, that means leaving the physical car keys behind. After a few miles down the road, Ryan Negri decides to turn back. Before doing that, he exited the vehicle to adjust the Mozy & Millie’s car bed. Bad idea as this was the start of a potential nightmare.

automatically shut the engine down after the driver exited the vehicle. Consequently, Ryan Negri simply couldn’t turn the engine back on as his phone was out of cellphone coverage. This means he couldn’t connect to the Internet, and thus was unable to connect to the car.

The day was saved by his wife as she valiantly walked two miles to find a cell phone signal. She then called a friend to retrieve the car keys at home and deliver the keys to them.



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