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Tesla Model-S Shooting Brake Concept Currently in the Making

The Dutch Company RemetzCar is Currently Producing an Efficient, Creative Shooting Brake Design for Tesla


While it’s not the most popular of vehicle models out there, it could solve a lot of problems for those that haul around a lot of things while wanting to maintain good gas mileage, efficiency, and while avoiding a large clunky vehicle that’s difficult to maneuver and park. Dutch car company RemetzCar announced about a year ago that it would be creating a shooting brake concept for Tesla.  This came shortly after RemetzCar developed a hearse concept for the company.

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Design by Qwest

The shooting brake car style is one that closely resembles the classic American station wagon.  There is quite a wide variety of shooting brake designs.  However, in modern days, the majority of them are 2-door vehicles.  The shooting brake was one of the most popular models back in the early 1900’s and continued to be popular until the station wagon was born.  Now, both models are fairly non-existent.  However, there is still a nice-sized crowd that just can’t get enough of them.  In fact, Aston Martin and Zagato recently created 99 units of their shooting brake concept, which almost immediately sold out.

RemetzCar has designated Floris de Raadt to serve as commissioner of the project.  Raadt is an avid car collector whom happens to be a big fan of Tesla and shooting brake models.  Niels van Roij will be in charge of the design of the vehicle.  Together, they’ve been tasked to build a great looking shooting brake at reasonable costs.  They have said that they will also be developing a few different options for the interior.   The Dutch company has said that for now, they will only be producing 20 cars.  The company has already gotten started on the production of the car and is expected to be ready to unveil in early March 2018.

Tesla Model S Hearse Design

A shooting brake model could actually be very popular for a brand like Tesla, who is known for innovative and different ideas that are often “Out of the box”.  Because this shooting brake model not only looks great, but is cost and energy-efficient while providing utility and storage, we think it’s the perfect concept for Tesla.  If anybody could bring back the shooting brake style in full-swing, it would probably be Tesla!

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