Tesla Electric Rear Axle Powers Cobra Kit Car Through Beautiful Donuts

Instant Torque and Quick Sway in a Lightweight Cobra Replica

Updated January 4, 2018

Experimentation is the name of the game in the age of high output electric motors. While the next wave of electric cars bears down on us, we’re happy to see ‘older’ tech going to good use. In this case, we see a Tesla P85+ finding a new home in an AC Cobra kit car. A match made in heaven for quick acceleration and high speeds as well as great donuts.

The electric motor in question is a P85+ coming from a Model S, the quickest single motor version. This Tesla earns itself acclaim from its performance at the Electric GT Championship. Those who love the huge numbers that come from combustion engines may not be that impressed by its stats, though. This electric motor puts out 415 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. In a small vehicle like the AC Cobra kit car, that’s more than enough to peel layers of rubber off a set of tires.

This car is the brainchild of Don Swadley and the work is all done by the infamous Stealth EV. This company also lists the Volkswagen Thing as one of their electric vehicle conversions. No strangers to this kind of work, they got right down to business in making a wheel-spinning machine.

The entire rear axle from the Tesla P85+ Model S is transplanted into the lightweight kit car. On top of this, an additional 24kWh worth of power comes from a set of Enderdel batteries. Tucked up inside the carbon fiber shell of the AC Cobra, they also provide balance for the lateral Gs this car can pull.

At the moment, the newly electrified AC Cobra has 369 of its available horsepower output hitting the pavement. However, due to the lightweight frame and body, this can pop the front wheels off the ground. It takes more than a little aggression on the accelerator to make it happen but it’s possible. However, the most fun part of this build is that it pulls slick and controlled donuts. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this melding of a Tesla P85+ Model S into an AC Cobra kit car.

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