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4 Teslas Returned in Worst Vehicle Theft of all Time

Teslas stolen by thieves about as bright as a ‘box of rocks’

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “About as bright as a box of rocks.” If not, we’re about to provide you with an example. Well, four, actually. Recently, we learned about four people who fit that description. It seems the four boxes of rocks stole four Teslas from a Utah dealership. Now, you would think that the quartet would disappear into the wind, and either flip the cars quickly or sell them for scrap. What should’ve happened versus what actually happened is quite drastically different, and in just a matter of days, police had arrested all four.

“Officer, I want to give this Tesla  back”

The first box of rocks that wanted a pair of handcuffs pulled up behind a State Trooper’s cruiser and waited a bit. Already involved in another traffic stop, the trooper radioed for backup. The trooper wrapped up the first stop and turned to the Tesla driver and they began chatting. He told authorities that a relative gave him the Tesla, but now he wanted to return it. As the investigation moved on, troopers found a bag of keys and a dealership check for about $50,000. At this point, the driver “lawyered up,” as they say in the cop shows. Did we mention that at one point, he reportedly said his name was Tesla?

Four would-be car thieves tried to make off with four Teslas in South Salt Lakes City recently. The quartet showed that bad luck was about the only kind of luck they had.

Meanwhile, box of rocks #2 probably wore some cool sunglasses. It would definitely explain why he couldn’t see that the batteries of his stolen Tesla were totally out of juice.  Unfortunately for the second member of the box of rocks gang, the EV rolled to a stop near the dealership, right in the middle of the police investigation. At first, the driver misidentified himself – he had some phony business documentation with a bad name. It took authorities a bit to determine his true identity. Upon determining the thief’s true identity, authorities realized he may have been involved in a burglary at the South Salt Lake City dealership.

Teslas 3 and 4 Quickly Scooped Up

Police scooped up the third and fourth members of the gang the next day. The pair were found with the Teslas where they were staying. When asked about the vehicles, the pair said a Mr. Tesla had given the cars to them.

Funnily enough, the box of rocks gang might have gotten away with it had they not been Tesla name-dropping so much. You see, one of the founders of modern electronics, Nikola Tesla, did a lot for the power grid, radio transmissions, electric cars, and batteries. Much of his work also paved the way for today’s internet, and obviously, is the inspiration for the motor vehicle company’s namesake. The only problem with using Tesla’s name is that he has been dead for nearly 75 years.

It’s been said before and it will be said again:

You can’t fix stupid.




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