The 2012 Kia Trackster. Mini Challenger?

Updated February 9, 2017



Korean auto maker has been slowly, and steadily making a name for itself over the years. Their tactics have been comical, and trendsetting at best, but they have been keeping potential buyers constantly waiting for what’s new. Some of the fanfare the has kept us all going, has been the Hamsters. Dancing Hamsters that utilize the popular LMFAO, Party Rockin’ song to disrupt a cataclysmic war between robots, & aliens. One the other side of the musical spectrum was a group of urban hamsters, that made a well awaited entrance to Black Sheep’s, The Choice is Yours. Basically highlighting how, you can get with the KIA Soul, or you can get with the breadbox most people call cars. Do Da Dipidy.  Now, KIA has even gone as far as enlisting very famous sports figures such as professional womens golf champion Michelle Wie, and the NBA’s Blake Griffin to become spoke


persons for the Soul, and the Optima. Apparently it has been working pretty well, and the demand for KIA automobiles has prompted KIA to come up with something a little more daring, if not sporty. So, after mulling it over, observing what the competition has to offer, the came to a decision on what to possibly build for the 2012-2013 market. They came up with the KIA Trackster.  The is a quick and nimble 250hp 2 door, based off of the KIA Soul.  It’s evident on how the Trackster takes its shape from the Soul. I mean the Soul is great car to emulate, and if not improve upon. The 2012 Trackster as mentioned before boasts a 250hp in-line four(4) cylinder turbo charged engine. To capitalize on the power that this car has to provide, KIA adapted an electronically controlled AWD system that provides power to the wheels wherever, or


whenever it’s needed.  KIA took the power trip even further by adding a set of four Silver 19” wheels, that are wrapped in 285/35/19 size Michelin Sport PS2 tires. But of course when one person decides to go fast, it’s only a matter of time before you need to stop, so a massive set of brakes were couple to these stunning wheels. Six piston calipers were mounted in the front, while four piston calipers provide excellent back up stopping power in the rear of the car. All of these braking abilities can be had with the enormous 13” rotors that can viewed behind the the wheels, when the car isn’t actually moving. So if you want to see them, you need to look fast.  The interior was designed with a very sporty feel in mind. Basically you want to feel like you’re driving a


high end sports car, without the need to stop and fuel up with Premium gas all the time. Continuing with the interior, the primary colors in this mix are an Inferno Orange, and Granite Grey. The colors compliment each other in all parts of the interior. From the bolstered, racing style seats, to the kick panels, to the steering wheel, it all works, and makes you want to drive it like you stole it.  The color pallet continues to the exterior, with the recognizable angular, and narrowed roof line, that has been tastefully slathered in the same Inferno Orange. It’ll only be a matter of time before someone finds a way to customize the roof on this mini rocket.  Another idea the design team had for this car, that further ensures track time, was the removal of the rear seats, and an equipment tray was put in its place. What other cars come “Track Ready” that you know of? That right there is the true definition of form, and function.  To wrap things up, the 2012 KIA Trackster, is fully functioning concept car, that still needs to be approved by the “Powers that Be” for it to see the light at the end of the manufacturing line. That’s OK though, with all of the rave reviews that it’s getting, the consumers shouldn’t be waiting that long for it to hit the showroom floor.  Personally, I think with a name like the “2012” KIA Trackster, this new addition to the KIA family will be popping up right around Christmas, or even better it gets dropped into the showrooms after the Superbowl next year. I mean it would be the perfect venue for its grand entrance to the automotive world.

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