The 2012 MB CL550. Black Edition Kit by Prior Design.

Check Out This Awesome Tuned 2012 CL550!

Updated October 19, 2018

So, here we again folks with some more tuning news. There’s another German based tuning group that has decided to make the owners of any high end German automobile feel like crap when they stare at their STOCK Mercedes Benz every morning.

Prior Design CL Body Kit 1

Prior Design is another posh, automotive tuning firm that wants to get the most out of a car, a person just spent over $100,000 dollars for. Their latest injunction into the tuning hall of fame comes by the means of a 2012 Mercedes Benz CL. They created a body kit for a car that would normally never be touched on any given circumstances. For instance, take your mid range 2012 CL550 Coupe, (Perfect!) which runs around $115,000 US dollars, and then have it delivered to the Prior Design U.S. Team based in Elmhurst IL, and then wait for your dream car to change into your REAL dream car.

Prior Design CL Body Kit 2

Prior Design fabricated an outrageous kit for the . It includes the following items. One Black Edition, Full Wide Body Kit, which comes with front, and rear bumpers, wheel arch flares, wider fenders, lower skirts, and front & rear diffuser. Also with this bad ass kit, is a vented hood, rear deck lip spoiler, and all of the mesh inserts you can use to complete the ultimate look of road domination.

Prior Design CL Body Kit 3

Finishing off this $16,000 U.S. ($12,900 GBP) is a digital foil wrap design of the company’s logo, that would sit on the sides of the car for everyone to read as you pass by at 150mph. LOL!! the wheels needed for this kit are definitely going to need to be Deep Dish, and at least 10 to 12 inches wide. Prior Design has offered wheels, and a tuned exhaust that will compliment this kit, as well fortify it’s Bad Ass Benz look.

Prior Design CL Body Kit 4



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