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The 2013 Bugatti 16C Galibier. Veyron’s Big Brother.

Published August 29, 2012

Let’s see, how do I approach this one? OK, the was at one time the fastest production car in the world yes? And of course since then there have been dozens of auto manufacturers, and tuners vying to claim that they can make their cars go faster then the Veyron. After the dust had settled, and the clamor died down, one unlikely name popped up for the next title shot. Bugatti.

For the past few years, Bugatti has been teasing hundreds of thousands of car lovers all over the world with their concept photos of the Galibier back in 2009, but now it seems that the auto maker has become a lot more serious about it. The will be one of the only four(4) door cars to approach speeds of over 230mph. Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of Bugatti has made it known that the 16C Galibier Saloon is something that will not only be fast, but be more technologically advanced than anything that anyone has ever been seen from Bugatti.

The is set to rival it’s older sibling the, in a few familiar dimensions. First off, styling cues of the Veyron will be noticed in the 16C Galibier. A long and flowing body line will do nothing more than make this vehicle move faster as the driver steps harder on the gas pedal. It’s still being proposed that the 16C Galibier will be producing over 1000hp in it’s first generation models. This will be in part to the Twin Turbocharged 8.0L, W16 motor that will run on E85 Flex-fuel. Being that this is a four door sedan, the motor will be mounted in the front for a change, and any, & all heat that, the monstrous W16 produces will be channeled to the rear of the car via, a very well shielded eight(8) Titanium tipped exhaust system.

The will of course be completely decked out in the finest of leather, and suede trims. Well actually it will be up to the potential buyer to say if he, or she wants a specific type of material inside of the car. Four fully bolstered seats ensure comfort, style, class, and safety. Fully functional front seats, will come standard with their own built in cooling, heating, and massage options. Just don’t hit those buttons while doing 200mph. As it stands now the 2013 16C Galibier is getting closer, and closer to becoming a car that will appear on the streets. So much so, that the final talks of incorporating that complicated, but brilliant AWD system that currently resides in the Veyron, will definitely find its way into the 16C. Also as another tidbit of news, the 16C Galibier will be offered in a hybrid version. It will come in handy when you have to quietly approach Buckingham Palace when go to visit the Queen. Bugatti is launching a huge campaign of, Over the Top vehicles in the coming years, and they are expected to be taken very seriously by people from all walks of life. But personally, as a Blue Collar man myself, the only thing I will look forward to is seeing one of these great cars in the next car show.  


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Calvin Escobar

The Car scene is so diverse Where I come from, most enthusiasts recognize the amazing engineering (particularly the engines). The bulk of the ridicule originates from the manner in which many of the vehicles are modded/maintained. Thus, the jokes and or hate tends to be aimed more at the owner rather than the machine. All of which makes seeing properly sorted old Toyota's and Hondas at car meets, auto shows, and track days all the more refreshing.

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