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The 2014 Holden Pontiac Chevy Commodore G8 SS-V

Updated June 13, 2014

Who would of thought the G8 would rise from the ashes instead of the Firebird?

GM is looking to set a record on how many times they can reinvent the same vehicle and get spy photographers to keep chasing the cars down in its vagabond attire. I always figured a Firebird would be the phoenix to rise up from the ashes, I mean that’s its name. But it looks as though we will be getting the one good car we thought was gone forever and that is a re-badged Pontiac G8 as the Chevy SS. Also based on the Holden Commodore this is a great budget sedan to take on the Charger. Its V8 power and RWD making for a farmers tan version of the 4-door M3 except much cheaper in price.

Personally I like the looks of the Holden Commodore a lot and especially their Redline Edition. So expect some styling cues hopefully to come from these vehicles. Now when it comes to the power production I think we may get some big bore goodies. More than likely the SS will get the same powerplants as the Camaro with a base engine of the 3.6L and then up to a 6.2L making for 400 + ponies easily. Don’t put it past Chevy to place the ZL1 Supercharged 6.2L in this vehicle to produce 580 hp type Chevrolet SS-V. The platform and engines have been around for years so don’t expect a lot of new car jitters to be had. Do expect an ugly gold emblem that needs to change colors. There will be some big Brembo brakes available on the performance version as well as the possibility for a few different versions to come and play.

Holden currently has three versions of this including the Ute, Sedan and Sportwagon. It is unclear as to whether we get any of these other versions but there is the possibility of a Chevrolet SS coupe to come along that may just be a great alternative for the nostalgia haters out there. This looks to be another welcome addition to help cover up that shock from the Volt. So pop open a Fosters and watch the Bathurst race and get ready to greet your Australian brethren with donuts and smoke.



Uriah Nazario

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