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The 2014 Lit C-1 Rolling Smart Phone

A sideways Segway that is less nerdy… maybe

The C-1 Lit makes you think that you’re Lit after you see it. Imagine a motorcycle for beginners. It drives like a car, has a protective exoskeleton, and is pretty damn hard to tip over. Well it exists and a small startup in the bay area is taking orders. The Lit C-1 is the result of unprotected orgy between a Citroen GT, Suzuki Hayabusa and a Segway. With Jetson type interior with room for Elroy in the back you can take off through the city. The electric motors glow blue when you’re driving and places a blue barrier behind your C-1 lightcycle, it says in the owner’s manual to be cautious of C-1 operators with red barriers trailing their lightcycles as it will lead to deletion if you run into the others barrier.


Hmm this could get awkward

The 2014 Lit C-1 has two gyroscopic motors that keep the vehicle up right by spinning at a speed that keeps the vehicle level even if struck by a large vehicle. There is no way my little pea brain is going into the scientific specifics but checking out the video and reading up I gathered that the two gyroscopes spin with a force of 1,300 lb-ft of torque. The video shows the company president and pulling it from a 4×4 (that I have to find out more about) and the vehicle stayed up right. Now there is a kickstand for the vehicle but I want to see how weird getting in it is. As for the price we see that it will be more than $10k as they are currently taking deposits for up to that much. So hopefully this vehicle won’t be $20k although that is what I am suspecting.

The electrical system produces 40kw of power in total and therefore makes this a fast C-1. It’s not going to outrun crotch rockets but should be fun to drive. Top speed hits 120 mph and delivers 200 miles of range on a single charge. The company states that there will be many different tech friendly doodads going into this C-1 and stated “H2V, H2C, V2I, and V2V connectivity gives you real-time traffic, construction, and adverse weather conditions transmitted to the vehicle”. So this looks to be a really interesting vehicle and we plan to update info as well learn more.


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