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The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C. Smaller Is Better.

Updated August 12, 2014


 If you didn’t already know, or you hadn’t heard by now, it looks like . The current news now is that Alfa is making a strong comeback into the American driving scene with the brand new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe.

 Let’s get straight to it, and take a look at what Alfa is offering us this season. We have a sleek, and very sexy 2 door coupe that’s powered by a 1.7L, turbocharged 4 banger that makes roughly 240Hp to the rear wheels. Now, for those of you out there who have come across this car once already, you will be glad to know that the 4C will be rolling on a set of wheels that do more than just look fantastic. The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C will come equipped with a sweet set of wheels that measure, 19 inches in the back, and 18 inches in the front, and of course that just adds to the overall lowered stance of the car.

 If we take a look at the exterior of the Alfa we find that it looks like nothing else on the road right now, or at least in America. Over in Europe the is a smaller sibling to the 4C, and they both share that odd bug eyed grille. Regardless of the fascia, the 4C looks like a car that poised to take command of the streets with an air Italian arrogance if you will. Kind of like slapping a guy in the face with silk gloves on. From front to back the lines of this car are absolutely stunning. Vivid curves just want to pull you in the longer you stare it. Your eyes will follow the flow of the curves all the way to the back of the car, where you’ll find that angled slope that acts like a slide for water droplets that make it to the rear end of the car. At the back are these two massively sized beaming red taillights that simply say, “Stay off my ass!”

alfa rendering 4c 2015 Inside of the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C, you’ll find a cockpit that was purpose built for the driver who knows what to do when the time for driving fast is upon him. Supple yet firm, carbon fiber laced, leather sport seats cuddle your bottom, while the bevy of switches, buttons, gauges, and knobs grab your full attention in front of you. The driver will have the privilege of attaining all pertinent information via the 7 inch TFT full color display screen that sits behind the leather wrapped steering, which also happens to have the ultra smooth paddle shifters just sitting there waiting to be touched.

 As it stands this new Alfa Romeo 4C has been built with the word precision in mind, and the almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution hits the nail on the head. Not too often do you have a car that was built solely to provide supercar performance in such a small package. I’d say that this will put up a decent challenge to the Toyota FT86, but in all reality, neither of these cars in the same league. For you see the Toyota/Subaru has a price range that sits around $25,000 and it has proven that it’s one of THE BEST driver’s car to hit road in a very long time, but then you have the Alfa coming in at around $70,000 dollars. That pricing right there bumps it up to a Porsche Boxter, or Audi RS5 range, and those cars would eat the FT86 for breakfast. But like all Americans, someone will compare the FT86 & 4C at some point in time. It’s gonna happen, it just comes down to when, and where is all. So for now folks, do what I like to do, keep your ears & eyes open, and be ready to comment on anything you find so that we all can be in the loop when something great drops. Until then Thanks for Reading.


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