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The 2015 BMW M2 Will Be Made With Passion Of The Past

Are we ready for this? BMW is developing a whole new M car which could rewrite every page of  modern car design. It is called the BMW M2, and it is based on the new 2 series which is regarded as one of the best looking compact coupes of the new age. BMW has not yet revealed the new M2, but with tons of spy photos from all over the world, journalist speculations and some information sourced from the inside of the company, the new BMW M2 could be the type of compact vehicle we have been waiting for since the introduction of the BMW e36 M3 back in the Nineties. Actually, the 2015 BMW M2 will be dimensioned basically the same as that old E36 coupe, it will be a lightweight RWD adrenalin rush that uses a straight six TwinPower Turbo engine and a host of Motorsport developed technologies that enhance the driving characteristics and make the M2 as sporty as a small compact coupe can be.

The best part of it just might be its looks. The small but deadly 2 series coupe looks fine, but for the M2 we expect bigger air intakes, wider wheel tracks, widened fenders and a bit lowered height. That said, the BMW M2 is expected to be more streamlined than the 2 series and with lowered center of gravity, bigger wheels, more rigid suspension setup and massive brakes, the 2015 BMW M2 will be a must have for many car enthusiast.

Looking at it from the technological point of view, we can already precisely guess what this car will be all about. The straight six engine everyone is talking about will be dialed up to 355 – 375 HP which is  a very impressive number for such a small car. Besides, we can expect an M tuned transmission system, suspension with thicker rollbars and automatically adjustable dampers and springs that can also be manually set through the iDrive system. Every new M car has that sort of stuff so we are confident the M2 will get the same.

Set to be unveiled early next year at the Detroit Motor Show, the BMW M2 should wow the crowd with a rather aggressive design, low, hunkered down stance and enough power sourced from the straight six to excite even the cold blooded journalists and visitors. We have already seen what a nicely equipped M235i can do, but the real deal for sure will be the M2 with its specially improved differential, better steering and nicer equipment in the interior dominated by alcantara and fine Nappa leather. It is still early to talk about the performance, but this car will not joke around. We recon sub 5 sec time to 60 mph with a limiter set up at 155 mph. With such impressive firepower under its belly, we believe this car will put to a shame some Porsche or even old gen Ferrari drivers.



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