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The 2015 Ford Focus ST Is Looking Awesome!!

Updated August 12, 2014



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When you think about cars, in a combination of the word aggressive what cars normally come to mind? Maybe the Lykan Hypersport, or the or even a 1969 Dodge Charger. Now that’s aggressive!! But what about the 2015 Ford Focus ST, can that be aggressive? Yes indeed Sir, yes indeed.

 Ford has taken the path of least resistance here, and brought forward the slightly revised 2015 Ford Focus ST to those people out there who already love this brilliant little car. The Focus ST as it was, became an eye catcher about 8 years ago, and was undoubtedly a car that not many people took serious enough to think that it would be where it is now. Who would have thought that the Focus would pop in head 2 head competitions with the likes of theHell, who knew that the Focus would be a part of Motor Trends’ Car of the Year award competition? It didn’t win much, but it happened.

 Now the 2015 version has been released upon the world, and most of Blue Collar Workers are ecstatic with the news of another American made Hot Hatch that we can throw around on the weekends. The new 2015 Ford Focus St will make its first official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed tomorrow, and all of the world will be watching. Now Ford being the clever people that they are, knew that in order to make a, “NEW” version of something great, you need to offer something different. Well that aspect was covered in the two latest additions to the focus line up. For the Brits, they get themselves that comes equipped with a 2.0L, turbocharged, fuel injected diesel engine that puts out 185Hp to the wheels. This diesel version puts the Focus’ fuel economy at around 4.4l/100km, making it the most fuel efficient Focus ever to drive the streets of Europe. Now when it comes down to the American version of the Focus, you’ll be glad to know that we lucky bastards get the 255Hp 2.0L Eco-Boost driven baby that can haul you, and the kids to about 60mph in under 7 seconds. Also another bit of technological news is that this 2015 Ford Focus ST will come equipped with an engine Start/Stop function. Annoying at times, but helpful in the long run.

 Inside of the Focus is business as usual. A driver will be greeted with a leather wrapped steering wheel, a brightly illuminated gauge cluster that sits behind the steering wheel, a stout looking short throw shifter, and an 8 inch touchscreen that sits atop of the center stack. If we continue with the center stack, all of those tech goodies that you would want to have in your car in there. The 2nd generation of Ford’s SYNC system now helps you communicate, listen, and find your way around to wherever you need to go. Satellite Navigation, AM/FM/XM Stereo, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone Pairing, Voice Control, CD, and a few other items to keep you busy. Also new to the Focus is a much higher level of safety. The 2015 Ford Focus ST now comes equipped with a Lane Keeping Aid, an Active City Stop Braking system, a Cross Traffic Reversing feature, and Adaptive Front Lighting. All of these features do nothing more than keep the driver, and all of the passengers safe, and sound inside of the car.

 Now, as far as the exterior of the Focus ST is concerned, this is where the whole aggression line of thinking came from. The front end of this car is totally in your face like, “What Son!!” There’s no mistaking this car for anything else on the road. At all! That wide open mouth, with the running lights embedded in the lower part of the body kit, just scream race car. Then move sideways for a bit, and find two extra doors. So not only does this car look bad ass, but it does it while picking up the kids from school. Comfort, Class, an Award Winning Power Train, Technological Diversity, and above all the ability to put it down on the track on any given Sunday is worth whatever this car will be priced at. This new Focus will be ready for ordering in Europe in about 2 to 3 months, other than that we all have to wait until summer of 2015 to get our hands on one of these babies.


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