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The 2016 Audi A4 Is Here And It Is Lighter Than A Dodge Dart But Bigger Than The 1990 5 series

Despite being somehow boring or conventional, is almost as perfect as it gets if you are into subtle, dignified four door luxury saloons which will make your every day as calm as it gets. The new version is out there and while you might not even feel the need to check it further after you saw the first picture (because it looks like it is only a redesigned old Audi), please do, because it is probably better than ever.

First of all, Audi is trying to build a route to success like the rest of the industry. They went all out with this car in terms of weight saving, aerodynamic efficiency, fuel efficient engines, smart construction and all of that geeky stuff. The numbers speak for themselves and it is quite remarkable that the new Audi A4 (B9) is much lighter than before. Actually, depending on the version, Audi saved up to 264 lbs of weight and the entry level model on the EU market now weighs in at 2.910 lbs. To put things into perspective, we will just say that the base with manual transmission weighs more than 250 lbs than the entry Audi A4. And that isn’t even the most impressive thing about it. It has actually grown in size. It is one inch longer, with half of an inch longer wheelbase. Comparing it with, let’s say, the 5 series from 1990, this Audi A4 is actually longer. That’s amazing.

More room inside meant that the rear seat room has been increased by one inch. Also, there is more room for shoulders and head, but we wouldn’t bet that someone well over 6 foot would felt comfortable at the back. Other changes on the inside include an all new dash with large LCD displays on it.  Also, upper trim levels include the addition of a large display instead of the normal instrument panel behind the wheel. We’ve already seen that on and on . It looks great and it frees up the space because the programmers can much easily integrate much more information on the display in comparison with the physical instrument panel.

And you’ll need much more information, especially about fuel consumption, because with less weight, exceptionally done aerodynamics (0,23 Cd for a sedan which is less than , or ) and modern engines (including a new two liter TFSI with 190 HP), this thing is a high mileage vehicle. Really, it is very, very efficient. We could go that far and say that it is the most efficient car of all new premiums.

For the start, Europe will get 1.4 liter and two liter TFSI engines. The smaller one will have 150 HP and 250 lb ft of torque, while the larger is that new engine we’ve mentioned. It develops 190 HP but it seems it is almost diesel efficient. On the diesel side, two liter and three liter engines are available with power ranging from 150 HP to 272 HP and any of them can be connected with a seven speed dual clutch gearbox except the most powerful one which is available with the eight speed automatic.

All of this weight saving makes us wonder what in the world could Audi do with the RS4. It will probably have a tuned up version of that three liter V6, quattro all wheel drive and a whole lot of systems to make it use every HP possible. We can’t wait for it, but we will have to wait a bit. At least, a year.


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