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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet Render Is Out And It’s Gorgeous

Releasing a rather captivating teaser of the S-class Cabriolet, Mercedes inevitably steered the mind of the car world from the introduction of bunch of low-end cars to the car no one with normal paycheck will ever be able to buy. They’ve almost finished with the development of the S-class Cabriolet and from the info and pictures we gathered up to this moment, the S-class Cabriolet will be a blast like no other.

Before you ask what about, we will only tell you that this car will be the main counterpart of the superlunary cruisers such as , (sort of) and . The SL obviously isn’t the type of a car that is capable of fighting the fight with the titans of the car world.

The released teaser is quite nice and detailed (unlike the one from Kia about their Sportage). It reveals that the car will look much the same as the Coupe, with a slightly different back end. The interior will remain much the same, which is a call for celebration because the S-class Coupe interior is a masterpiece of design. Likewise, from what we know from before, the new S-class Cabriolet will inherit many virtues from the S-class Sedan and that is possibly the best car in the world.

Mercedes is on fire with the newest S-class. It turns out the Cabriolet will be its sixth version  joining the Sedan, the LWB sedan, the Coupe, the Maybach Mercedes S-class and the Coupe. That is a huge effort by Mercedes to create a fleet of utterly expensive and luxurious rides. But it seems that it works great. In 2013 they’ve apparently delivered 100.000 units of S-class to their customers. Yea, that is more S-classes in one year than the entire production of low-end Alfa Romeo.

The S-class Cabriolet will continue to cherish the styling of the newest Mercedes cars. That said, it will receive a fabric roof. As you may imagine, developing a hardtop for such a large four seater is possible, but unnecessary. The roof would be so damn heavy that the fabric one has a much better chance of giving the S-class Cabriolet the look of a true open tourer. Talking about the look, the rear end will definitely receive a few new creases and it will be a tiny bit longer than on the coupe. However, Mercedes-Benz officials said that the shape of the fabric roof will closely resemble the shape of the coupe. Basically, we will get a magnificently looking car with the roof operated with a touch of a button. For now, it is for certain that the AMG S63 Cabriolet and the S550 Cabriolet will reach production with the AMG S65 Cabriolet being the most potent of them all. So, the least powerful Merc S-class Cabriolet will be powered by a 450 HP engine and the top notch version will be almost 200 HP more powerful. Sick!

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