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The 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Base Model Emerges!

Published November 8, 2016

Finally, the 2017 base model Honda CBR1000RR has broken cover. Recently unveiled at Milan’s EICMA trade show, we can finally see the version of the CBR that the vast majority of us will have a chance at owning… While we were very impressed with Honda’s incredible and packages, they are pretty much out of reach for the standard customer, but don’t be fooled into the thinking that the new RR is a boring machine. It actually retains a lot of features from the SP1 and SP2 models, and the downgrades aren’t terrible. We think you’re going to be impressed.

Naturally, to make the new CBR1000RR affordable, a few of the finer details of the SP1 and SP2 bikes had to be toned down. As you can probably guess, the suspension was downgraded to a lower spec arrangement, and the brake system was scaled down a little bit. All that was to be expected though. However, Honda have retained the same engine, the same chassis, and most importantly, the same electronics package for the base model. And we didn’t expect that at all.

Starting with the suspension and braking changes: Honda have given the new base CBR1000RR Show 43mm BPF forks at the front, and a Showa Balance Free Rear Cushion spring at the rear. The braking duties are now handled by Tokico calipers, too.

The engine still retains all of the SP upgrades, including the awesome magnesium casings, and general upgrades, meaning that the 2017 edition will produce 190 hp. This is pretty impressive, especially when twinned with the CBR’s new titanium fuel tank, five-spoke wheels and other lightweight attributes. In total, it weighs 195 kg (432 lbs) meaning that it has a very attractive power to weight ratio.

But even with those incredible stats, it’s the onboard gadgetry that really impresses us. The new CBR1000RR will come with the very same five-axis IMU found on the SP models, which will control the traction control system – or Honda’s Selectable Torque Control, to be precise. On top of that, the CBR also boasts an all new ride by wire throttle control and fuel injection engine mapping, which (when combined altogether) allows for intelligent grip management whilst accelerating and braking. European models come with ABS as required by EU law, and cornering ABS is available as an optional extra. For the US, Honda are making all ABS optional, should you want an old-school style machine.

There are benefits for opting out of the ABS, since the ABS system adds a few pounds in the weight department, but for the extra cost, having ABS is probably the better choice. Other optional upgrades include Honda’s new quickshifter, which works in both the “up” and “down” configurations.

At the moment, we’ve heard nothing about price and availability but we’ll keep you informed as the details trickle down. Until then, enjoy the gallery and here’s a few words from Honda to keep you interested:

“The CBR1000RR Fireblade joins the upgraded SP and new SP2 versions to complete a trio of Fireblades that mark 25 years since the celebrated machine re-wrote the rules of the Super Sport segment. Its relentless focus on handling and agility under the mantra of ‘Total Control’ continues, with 90% of main components revised for a 16kg weight reduction to a class-leading 195kg. Coupled with an 8kW top end power boost, it improves the new Fireblade’s power to weight ratio by 14%, to a level hitherto unseen in its history.

“For 2017, the Fireblade now moves into ‘Next Stage Total Control’, with a comprehensive electronic control package featuring a new gyroscopic ABS system, Honda Selectable Torque Control, Selectable Engine Brake and Power Selector. All these parameters can be precisely adjusted with the Riding Mode Select System inspired by the RC213V-S street legal version of Honda’s MotoGP machine.”


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