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The Best MPG Cars 2013

We Take A Stab At The Best MPG Cars 2013 Has To Offer


Tired of gas prices? Yes that is a stupid question for anyone that doesn’t have a large stake in the oil industry. So what we are seeing is a renaissance in the auto industry that is working to give us everything we want in our vehicles while also boosting the vehicles efficiency. The 2013 cars are becoming cleaner, more accommodating, and in some cases even bigger. With continual development in battery technology we are seeing that our all-electric cars and hybrid vehicles are all getting a longer range as well as more efficient. The U.S. market has been devoid of diesels from all but German manufacturers but we will start to see that change as well as Chevy looks to introduce the Cruze diesel this year and Suzuki has plans to start bringing diesels over for sale. So the options are looking good as even family sedans are nearing 40 mpg’s. These are the best numbers that the car can produce so let’s take a look at all our options. We see that most of these optimal MPG ratings are for the highway rating and for the hybrids that efficiency rating it usually a city rating. As we look at the numbers for the best MPG cars 2013 take in mind that many didn’t get listed such as the larger hybrid sedans with 40 MPG’s. 


Best MPG Cars 2013 – Gas


  • Chevy Cruze Eco – 42 MPG
  • Civic HF – 41 MPG
  • Ford Fiesta – 40 MPG
  • Ford Focus – 40 MPG
  • Hyundai Accent – 40 MPG
  • KIA Rio – 40 MPG
  • Chevy Sonic – 40 MPG
  • Mazda 3 – 40 MPG


Best MPG Cars 2013 – Diesel


  • Chevy Cruze Diesel – 50 MPG (Est)
  • VW Golf TDI – 42 MPG
  • Audi A3 TDI – 42 MPG
  • VW Jetta TDI – 42 MPG
  • Mazda CX-5 Skyactive Diesel – 41 MPG (Est)
  • VW Passat TDI – 40 MPG


Best MPG Cars 2013 –All Electric


  • Mitsubishi iMiev – Its Electric – So obvious choice – 112 MPGe*
  • Ford Focus Electric – Its Electric – 100 MPGe*
  • Nissan Leaf – It Electric – 99 MPGe*
  • Tesla Model S – Its Electric – 300mi Range
  • Tesla Roadster – Its Electric – 245mi Range
  • MINI-E – Its Electric 150 Mile Range


Best MPG Cars 2013  – Hybrid


  • Toyota Prius PHV – Its sort of electric – 95 MPGe and 50 MPG Gas
  • Chevy Volt – 94 MPGe – 37 MPG Gas
  • Toyota Prius C – 53 MPG
  • Toyota Prius – 51 MPG
  • Toyota Prius V – 44 MPG
  • Lexus CT 200h – 42 MPG


Thoughts On The Best MPG Cars 2013


We see that 40 MPG is quickly becoming the standard for economy size cars in the market and the efficiency of the electric and hybrid cars are soaring. We will see manufacturers trying to one up each other in efficiency as it makes for great PR marketing as well as lowers their CAFÉ standards so they can continue to produce the fast and fun cars. We will continue to see better engineering in order to get more power production out of smaller engines. The design will take the engine and make its compression higher as well as the possibility of turbos to make into the mix. As far as diesels go we shall see if the market is finally ready to grab the attention of the auto manufacturers as we work to get optimal efficiency. We will see manufacturers such as Mazda using several different components to produce better mileage as they have even put the Skyactiv name on the process. Mazda engineers are looking at several different engine components in order to boost the compression rate and offer direct injection which makes for a more efficient and cleaner burn overall. They are also working to place stronger and lighter components in the engine so there is less mass to mover around. This engineering mixed with more efficient intake and exhaust leads just the engine to produce better power. Then mating the engine with a transmission that as been engineered for low drag and geared to help keep the engine a low revs in normal driving applications makes for better MPG’s. Finally we see that auto manufacturers are starting to use lighter components in the car that are stronger than previous materials that were used and this helps to maintain safety if not improve it and lighten the overall weight of the car and this process mixed with a more aerodynamic body helps the vehicle to travel through the air and have less drag overall. All of these applications will play a part to make vehicles the best MPG cars 2013 has to offer. So what are your thoughts on the best MPG cars 2013 has to offer.

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