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The BMW M4 GTS Concept Has The Potential To Be The Best M Ever

August really is a month of coupes. The Accord Coupe and the C-class Coupe were newcomers, and the M4 GTS Concept, revealed ahead of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, acted as topping on cake. The M4 GTS Coupe is actually different than the Accord and the C-class. While they represent vehicles for the masses (sort-of), the M4 GTS Concept is a nice representation of an enthusiast vehicle that will largely be used on the track. This one has a bloodline worth mentioning. It succeeded the cars wearing the names of M3 GTS, M3 CSL, M3 GT and M3 Evo. Hell, that is like saying you are a descendant of George Washington or William the Conqueror. No Germans here!? Well, it wouldn’t be right, would it!?

The changes on the M4 GTS Concept in comparison with its “normal” M4 brother are rather significant, but we will start with the most important change of them all – the engine. Don’t worry, it wasn’t changed. The six cylinder heart ponders under the front carbon fiber bonnet, but now, deep inside the intake plenum of the engine, resides an injector which injects a fine spray of water from time to time. We’ve already mentioned this when BMW unveiled . It had this tech and now with the M4 GTS Concept they are making it available for mass production.

Interestingly, the system which sources water from the 1,4 gallon tank located in the trunk and injects it in the intake plenum isn’t that welcomed by other manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz board member for development Dr. Thomas Weber even said “The investment-to-result ratio to put that [water injection system] into production is the key question and that ratio doesn’t work.” You may ask is BMW doing something wrong, but they are certain they are not.

Injecting water in the intake plenum and letting it evaporate there significantly reduces the temperature in the combustion chamber. Consequently, the engineers were able to increase boost pressure by the turbocharger and even speed up the ignition timing. A few months ago, BMW revealed that the system improved the power for around ten percent meaning the M4 engine equipped with it could potentially develop 470 HP. However, Top Gear (yes, they are still working hard) reported that their insider said the engine power will likely be more than 500 HP. That’s huge and with it BMW succeeded in coming close to the power output of the four liter V8 Mercedes is using for and they’ve even caught up with the three liter engine that is in .

Aside the engine, the M4 GTS Concept reveals much more novelties. The rear lights on this preproduction showcar have the so called OLED technology in them. To put it down easily – the lights look like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is the reason we are positive that BMW will once again induce the “elimination” revolution throughout the car world.

Finally, the M4 GTS Concept brings a rather extravagant aerodynamic package. Manually operated, the aerodynamic package can be set up to provide as much or as little downforce. A whole new rig was made up of carbon fiber (favorite BMW material) and we are positive it’ll bring down the overall weight of the car below 3.300 lbs. Imagine it then. The BMW M4 GTS would have an engine producing more than 500 HP, less weight than the regular M4 (and less weight than the C63 AMG), more aggressive aerodynamic setup than anyone on the market and it’d blast the track. We are witnessing something truly special here. BMW Motorsport is making history with the new M4 GTS. Not only that it’ll be the most powerful and the fastest accelerating coupe from the M3 bloodline, but it’ll be the most capable as well. Benz made the new C-class coupe better than ever, but AMG could fall short of competing with this magnificence.


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