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The Callaway Corvette Z06 Is Not The Fastest But It May Be The Best Value For Money

Ridiculous power outputs are hot in the world of the Chevrolet Corvette. We didn’t have to wait for long before many US tuners started offering some sick tuning packages showing their knowledge of getting the power out of that LT4 engine. Vengeance Racing did make the most astonishing tuning package and revealed the with more than 1.080 HP, but that tuning package has worth a whole fortune. Luckily, everyone working with cars in the US bought the Z06 and its modifications are coming out like never before. The latest in line of magical power-making-modifications is the Callaway tuning package which ups the power considerably for a price of mid range . $17.000 is the price for which Callaway will make the new Corvette Z06 as fast as and this thing will eat tarmac to the quarter of a mile mark so fast it’ll get to the end  in 10,5 seconds. All of that with the sound of thunder and the sound of exceptional fury, can be only be provided by a GM built American muscle.

However, the modifications Callaway had to make weren’t small. First and foremost, the engine had to be modified and the supercharger improved to source out even more power from the 6,2 liter V8. The new GenThree supercharger has a 32 percent bigger capacity than the one installed by the GM. Obviously, more air means more power, but that also means much bigger pressure to all elements under bonnet. Maximizing the efficiency of the system, Callaway engineers made an improved intercooling system which minimizes air temperature going in toward the supercharger. This way, the new supercharged is perfectly adjusted for the car. The supercharger is positioned just behind the scoop on the bonnet and next to the sills on it. This means that excessive heat from inside will be effectively removed by the passing air on the outside. The supercharger can even be seen without opening the bonnet. That is kinda cool, isn’t it!?

Additionally, redesigned manifolds, intake, refined airflow toward all cylinders and exceptionally well engineered exhaust played a pivotal role in extracting as much power as possible with the hardware. The final results are exceptional. The Corvette Z06 by Callaway develops 757 HP and 777 lb ft of torque, which is by 107 HP and 127 lb ft of torque more than you could get in a stock Corvette Z06.

Interestingly enough, the exterior isn’t exactly greatly updated or improved. As Callaway reported new elements include “hood surround, carbon fiber engine mid-covers, embroidered floor mats, anodized aluminum door sill panels, Callaway Exterior and interior badging, underhood build plaque with vehicle ID, new key fobs, etc.”


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