The Ducati “Pandora” Monster 1200R – Young Guns Speed Shop

Published November 2, 2016

The guys at Switzerland’s Young Guns Speed Shop call this awesome Ducati Monster a “hybrid between a GP-bike and a contemporary cafe racer,” and we’re inclined to agree. You can see from the outset that this build has been directly inspired by the classic stylings of the sports bike racers from the ‘70s, and nicely mixed with some modern angles and touches. The first thing that caught our eye was that incredible Ducati L-twin engine, looking messy and untidy as always, sitting in pride of place underneath the revised frame.

The reason behind this build came about when Ducati invited the guys at Young Guns Speed Shop to undertake a design study of their latest Monster. With a 2016 as a starting platform, the Pandora takes the idea of a naked bike to the extreme. We weren’t being critical when we mentioned the untidy looking engine, but that’s standard Ducati practice; now, in this new frame, the beefy 160 hp engine looks menacing and powerful, to say the least. It looks even more intimidating thanks to the exquisite new sub-frame, and the meticulously designed and monocoque bodywork.

“We had the idea of building the seat and tank out of one piece. We started with making an aluminum construction to put clay on it to shape the monocoque. A friend then made a mold and the final fiberglass monocoque,” says Young Guns boss Nik Heer. And the tank and tail is more than just a nice piece of fiberglass, it also hides a lot of the Ducati’s electrics in the front of the tank, including the ABS, and batteries and holds a second tank of fuel in the rear of the “gas tank” section. Unlike the stock model, the revised tank now dips into the recess where the battery box usually sits, providing enough room for fuel, even with the new tank shape. This radical two tank system helps keep the bike low and slim.

To keep the rest of the Ducati looking as streamlined as possible, the original radiator was scrapped in favor of a more efficient, and sleeker, custom unit. The exhaust system was also given the “custom” treatment, and now features two radical pipes, tipped with a set of bespoke megaphones. The stock bars were also replaced with clip on units, and the job was almost done. All that was left to do was give the Monster a new paintjob. Young Guns settled on a subtle but effective blue and white scheme, and the result is impressive.

If you happen to be interested in the Young Guns Ducati Monster 1200R Pandora, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s up for sale. Send them an email, and who knows? This beauty could be yours.

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