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The Ferrari 488 Spider Is The Newest Roofless Thing From Maranello

The Ferrari 458 Italia is finally outdated. Six years have passed since it was introduced and revealed a few months ago now kicks in as the best of the Ferrari supercars. The Spider and the Speciale were the only ones left standing to defend the honor of the 458, but Ferrari, almost without any announcement, revealed the newest of the 488 family – a Spider. You’ve guessed it. It looks fabulous and it is much more like than we could ever imagine.

First some of the Ferrari sweet talk here. This is the most powerful, the fastest and the sickest Ferrari spider with the mid-engine layout. It is so fast in fact that it just may be intense enough to make life miserable for a car such as . True, McLaren didn’t produce as many 650Ss as Ferrari has 458 Italias, but the truth was that the British supercar was a bit faster than its biggest and closest rival from Italy.

You may see that we call the 488 Spider a supercar. True, that designation isn’t exactly used for anything less than top notch vehicles from Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche, but the matter of a fact is that the LaFerrari, and are far above the level of supercars which started with the introduction of the Enzo, the SLR and the Carrera GT. These three sick chaps are hypercars, with the machines such as the 488 GTB and the 650S being true supercars (they are faster, more advanced and more incredible than any of these old supercars).

The new 488 Spider isn’t any different. It is a supercar powered by the newest kitten from Ferrari. A V8 with 3,9 liter capacity and two turbochargers made it 670 HP powerful. That is some serious power on tap, but this is a serious car for sure. Not only that it inherited almost everything from the GTB, but architecture and space frame construction is almost the same as on the car with the roof. In this case, spaceframe means that the chassis was built using 11 different types of aluminum, magnesium and even carbon fiber. We do not have a clue how did they make all of these different materials play together, but they clearly did. What is definite is that the chassis is as stiff as the one on the coupe and that is all that matters. Actually, it matters to say that the structural stiffness of the 488 Spider is 23 percent higher than on the 458 Spider. That basically means the thing will steer as hell, it will not twist by any means and it will make the 458 Spider look tame and old fashioned.

The roof is the place where most changes have been made. 14 seconds is needed for it to open or close and all this show “costed” Ferrari additional 120 lbs which is the weight gain over the coupe. Although, the rear wheels are officially able to propel this thing to 62 mph in 3 seconds flat. We guess it can do even better than that. What is interesting is that 124 mph is cracked in 8,7 seconds. That basically means you could theoretically push this thing to 150 mph faster than the time you would need to open or close the roof. It’s mental.

All in all, the Ferrari 488 GTB is another wonderful machine with a classic Ferrari pedigree, supercar performance and all the active aerodynamic titbits that make it exceptionally advanced in all segments. Although the drive of it is still far of, we can assume that this thing with laser precision will be a blast to own and a blast to drive.


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