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The Husqvarna “1301” Emerges!

And some people are calling it a “power cruiser” – but I’m really not seeing it… Spy shots have appeared, photographing what seems to be the latest Husqvarna model emerging from ’s factory in Mattighofen, Austria. Early indications have dubbed this bike the Husqvarna “1301” after its 1301cc V-twin engine – the very same that you’d find on KTM’s . In fact, the bike as a whole shares a lot of components with its Super Duke R brethren, including the frame, swing arm and wheels, but this is still very much a machine. It comes with sporty, low handlebars, a short and stubby solo seat, a new sub-frame, belly pan, and an aggressive riding position.

For some reason, the press have been calling this a “” and while certain features of it certainly are reminiscent of the (the swing arm mounted number plate holder and the bare rear end), calling this a “power cruiser” seems a bit of a stretch. There’s nothing cruiser-like about the overall appearance of the machine, and there is certainly nothing particularly cruise-y about the riding position. If anything, it’s a fairly aggressive looking naked street-fighter, that perhaps has few strands of power cruiser DNA. Perhaps we missed a press-release and somewhere KTM and Husqvarna have said that they plan for it to be a “power cruiser” in the future, and that the prototype spied here is just in the evolutionary stages on the way to becoming one. Either way, calling the bike pictured here a “power cruiser” seems like the wrong description, if we’re only going on what our eyes are telling us.

So far, the only real news we’ve heard from Husqvarna and KTM came in the form of their , and later, their . It makes sense that they would be working on something with a little more meat, and this seems to be exactly that. Since Pierer Industrie AG (owned by KTM boss ) bought Husqvarna back in 2013, we’ve been wondering what else they’d bring to the table. Especially since Pierer mentioned that he had impressive plans to turn Husqvarna into one of Europe’s largest manufacturers. His plan was to put the brand ahead of Ducati and Triumph, but somewhere below KTM and BMW. And since , Mr. Pierer seems to know what he’s doing.

Anyway, is this a “power cruiser” or not? Part of me refuses to call it one – but let’s let the public decide instead. I’m not convinced.

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