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The Husqvarna 701: From Concept To Reality

Sure, critics of the new Husqvarna 701 will say that it’s just a KTM by another name but after watching this awesome teaser trailer, even the harshest of critics will have to admit that this Supermoto concept turned production bike looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

The idea for the 701 Supermoto came from a concept based on a KTM 690 SMC R; a production example was showcased in Milan during November of last year and now Husqvarna have released this gem of a teaser trailer, which indicates that this machine is more than production ready and suggests that it’s ready for release! Because the video is little more than a bit of fun advertising, there aren’t many clues as to what to expect from the 701; many features were listed back in November but as to what made the final cut, we’ve been left in the dark.

The original concept model was fitted with the classic 690cc single cylinder, liquid cooled, four-stroke engine, kicking out 67hp. That’s unlikely to change, we can all agree thus far. On top of that, it was fitted with WD-USD forks at the front and a WD mono shock at the rear, Brembo four piston calipers on the front and their single piston equivalent at the back, two channels of Bosch ABS (complete with Supermoto mode), an APTC slipper clutch by Adler, fly by wire throttle, three engine maps and a Magura hydraulic system. The concept also boasted a dry weight of 145kg, which (although 5 kilos heavier than the KTM), provides more than enough go considering the awesome 67hp output.

In terms of body work, the 701 was designed to be as slim as possible; the Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel trellis frame offers the rider a long seat reaching over the radiator shrouds, with ribbing for improved grip, no matter where your arse ends up landing, giving it sleek and slender finish. It’s quite an elegant looking machine, apart from the massive sail on the back end. Overall, it’s quite easy on the eyes but Husqvarna have also mentioned that a fully customizable look will be available to customers.

So, this teaser is hopefully hinting at a full scale release of the 701 series, which is a great thing for all of those potential KTM riders who have a phobia of the color orange. Seriously though, with Husqvarna looking at turning concepts into realities, who knows what their future will bring? They’re already turning the into the real deal and I can’t wait.

More manufacturers should start taking concepts seriously. Not the stupid ones, though. Obviously.


Joe Appleton
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