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The Kawasaki ZX-10RR – Homologation Special!

While many of us won’t be getting a chance to ride the stunning ZX-10RR, it doesn’t mean we can’t be impressed by it. Recently unveiled at the , Kawasaki’s limited edition and top-of-the-range machine is one of the most sophisticated superbikes out there. But what’s so special about it? And what makes it different to a stock , aside from the obvious extra “R” in the name? Well, similar to Honda’s SP2 model, the ZX-10RR doesn’t particularly add much in the way of power, unless you’re a highly skilled race tuner, of course.

In the engine department, the all new ZX-10RR comes with a modified cylinder head that has been specially designed to accommodate higher lift racing camshafts, and new crankcases for ultimate durability. The ZX-10RR also features new tappets, which have been specially coated with a DLC low friction coating that heavily reduces mechanical loss. These upgrades alone don’t really affect the power of the bike for the home user, but if you’re a pro race tuner, you can take these new additions and crank out more power thought the rev range, but specifically at the top end.

The chassis has been more or less left alone, however, the wheels have been updated and the bike now rolls on super lightweight Marchesini wheels forged from aluminum. The new wheels have been shod with Pirelli SuperCorsa SP rubber. Brembo M50 monobloc calipers handle the braking duties, in collaboration with laterally grooved Brembo rotors, and a Brembo master cylinder. Naturally, steel braided hoses complete the updated braking system. Showa balance free front forks provided the suspension duties at the front, and a Showa BRFC gas charged shock with a piggyback handles the rear.

Kawasaki have also fitted the ZX-10RR with an up and down quickshifter, so both directions of clutchless shifting are available. Apart from the quickshifter, Kawasaki have also upgraded the ZX-10RR’s traction control, ABS, launch control and engine brake controls. The electronics are all controlled by the ZX-10RR’s intelligent six axis IMU system, which provides the best setting depending on the situation. Kawasaki have also installed their own brand of corner management software, which promises to help the rider maintain cornering consistency.

There are only 500 units available, and we have no word on the price. Expensive, no doubt. But it does come with a special key, so that’s got to be worth the extra, right?


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