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The Koenigsegg Agera RS Is Mental Car Almost Fully Prepped For The Track

It seems that Koenigsegg had more to show at the Geneva Motor Show than some full fledged car manufacturers (Fiat for example). Apart from revealing that insanely cool Regera, they’ve brought along one more car that  redefines that what we think of a sports cars. The Koenigsegg Agera simply is one of the most astonishing vehicles ever conceived by a man and the Agera RS they’ve revealed a few days ago only confirms that.

Revealed next to a Regera and inspired by the last years best car – , the Koenigsegg Agera RS brings the best from any previous Koenigsegg car that bared S or . So what really is this car?

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is the closest thing that Koenigsegg ever produced to a race car. Actually, we might even call it a race car that, thanks to the proper equipment on it, can be registered for road use. It seems that it meets all the homologation requirements of any state in the world. However, we already know that only 25 units will be produced and 10 of them have been sold even before the car showed its angry face at the Geneva Motor Show. Honestly, we think that the rest of them have also been sold!

Exterior changes on the car are obvious. Front race splitter is installed thus providing even more downforce at the front. Also, the aerodynamic features have been added throughout the car and it is important to point out that the Agera RS actually received almost all of this high-tech aerodynamic additions from the monstrous One:1. As a reminder, the One:1 is a limited production vehicle. Only six units have been made and all of them, are of course sold. Now, the Agera RS received some of the magic from the One:1  and apart from looking insanely cool with the carbon fiber-orange two tone paintwork, the car has got even more intricate and complex elements on it at the outside.

First of all, the wheels installed on the Agera RS are full carbon fiber wheels which means that their weight is next to nothing. Also, extraordinary aerodynamic system channels air around the car and into the engine bay also channeling some of it onto the redesigned and rather beautiful rear wing thus providing much more downforce than before. Koenigsegg magicians calculated that redesigned car and additional aerodynamic elements on it enable the car to produce almost 1.000 lbs of  downforce at speeds  of 155 mph. Frankly, that is astonishing.

As you would expect, those kind of speeds are rather easy to achieve for the Agera RS. The car is powered by a slightly redesigned five liter V8 engine now producing exactly 1.160 HP. It is not as much as in the One:1 and it is much less than in the Regera, but this kind of power isn’t achieved yet by any other major car manufacturer.

All in all, the Agera RS is the closest thing to a race car you can have at Koenigsegg. It’s light, complex, perfected, powerful and somehow nice to look at. Also, it can be a roofless. Like in any other Koenigsegg, the roof can be stowed in the front trunk thus providing open air experience in this amusing vehicle. More importantly than that, the Agera RS is capable of running using E85 Ethanol fuel thus enabling the engine to produce even more power. We  don’t really know how much more, but it seems that horsepower war once again is won by a Koenigsegg.



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