The Lane Splitter Concept: A Car That Splits Into Two Motorcycles!

The Lane Splitter: This car can actually split into two seperate vehicles!

Updated August 8, 2018

We’re all about unusual and fantastic concepts here at Fqliulanqi and this one is pretty wild as far as concepts go. ‘Why would I want a car that splits into two motorcycles?’ you may ask yourself. The answer is, apparently, to have a vehicle that ‘provides the social experience of a car’ and has the added functionality of becoming two separate machines, just in case you and your co-pilot have artistic differences mid journey.

lane splitter concept 1

It seems like a wild concept but if you’ve ever found yourself in a country where motorcycles are the primary mode of transport, such as Vietnam or Cambodia, you might start to see the appeal. Neither myself nor missus use a car, we’re a motorcycle only kind of household and this idea might save us from unnecessary repeat trips to the grocery store…

lane splitter concept 2

This idea sprung from the mind of Fast Company’s Mark Wilson and faithfully reproduced in CG form by Argodesign. The inspiration has taken a touch of the Batman Tumbler and given it a Syd Mead edge, creating a revolutionary concept idea for the future. I’m not sure it’ll catch on though.

lane splitter concept 3

With an overall length of 128 inches, the fully assembled vehicle resembles a small, compact buggy. The drive is powered by two individual rear wheel electric motors, that when separated can power two individual, closed top, motorcycles. When combined, the two halves sit together maximizing on the asymmetrical design; this allows the two sections to sit together in a compact way, without any stiff right angles.

lane splitter concept 4

At the front, the bike has hubless front wheels, which compromise steering but increase adaptability.

The Lane Splitter: Vehicle Sharing Taken To The Next Level!

The important question is ‘how do the two halves dock?’ If you’re looking for straightforward answer, prepare to be disappointed. There are two docking connectors at the front and the rear, with individual landing wheels that help keep both bikes stable during the process. ‘What about how it actually does it?’ With an automated docking system, obviously. And that’s it for the details there.

lane splitter concept 5

It’s that very feature that seems to be the main stumbling block in the way of this concept becoming a reality. Engineering a mechanism that can do it in a cost effective manner isn’t a possibility at the moment. On top of that, the balance of the machine would have to be pitch perfect before any real headway could be made.

lane splitter concept 6

It’s a shame really, because we wouldn’t mind seeing something like this come out on the market; we’re pretty sure than no one around here would buy one but we wouldn’t mind seeing a prototype in action, at the very least. It might not be ‘cost-effective’ but most ideas aren’t at the very beginning.

So it looks like it’s just another cool concept. Until then, we’re still keeping my fingers crossed for a Back To The Future hoverboard.


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