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The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Ares Performance Is An Exceptional Stylistic Exercise

Dany Bahar is a quite entertaining guy. It’s something of a David Copperfield of the car world and he isn’t even that much into cars. He was quite a powerful figure who made Red Bull shine its way in Formula 1, made Ferrari famous when it was “hand picked” by none other than Luca di Montezemolo and finally almost made Lotus brand the biggest thing since the invention of turbocharger.

However, after the Lotus scandal when its parent company Proton was sold his reputation took a big hit. In one of the insightful interviews he had with Top Gear he actually said that he didn’t regret a moment of his time in Lotus and that is why he still tries hard to make a statement in the car world. His newest effort is the creation of the tuning garage Ares Performance in Modena, Italy where his team (including Mihai Panaitescu from Pininfarina as a designer and Wolf Zimmermann from Lotus and AMG as a technical engineer) makes special custom built cars for quite special customers.

The newest effort of the highly exclusive workshop (that, according to Bahar own words, doesn’t sell anything less expensive than $750.000) is the creation of none other than a bespoke custom built . It seems that this car is something like an “entrance exam” and a doorway for the tuning world of exclusive vehicles.

Bahar noted that his company do not handle anything “mechanical”, but they are only focused on improving styling aspects of each car inside and out. So, you may imagine that for $750.000 it better be beautiful.

The pictures released for the G63 AMG Ares Performance proved just that. Even though we saw a number of different modification packages for this exceptional Mercedes off roader, this customisation program is the best looking yet. The changes aren’t that obvious, but they are quite remarkable when you sink into it. First of all, this is the first G-class AMG having the sort of curved fron AMG bumper (all other has that edgy shape). The bodykit continues all the way back, but the most prominent element on the side is the integration of special exhaust surround which looks simply mesmerizing. It is a small detail which adds up a lot to the whole design exercise. Then, at the back, newly shaped rear bumper makes the classic brick-design look much more upscale and much more elegant than before.

Even though Dany Bahar said they will not touch into the mechanical stuff, the exhaust had been replaced by the titanium unit, while the ECU update uprated the power to a handsome 680 HP. As a final tuning torch adjustable suspension was added to maximize the use of that carbon fiber garnished big wheels with sporty tires.

The amazement any human being will experience after opening the doors of this meticulously customized vehicle will be as mesmerizing as it gets. Obviously inspired by the best royal leathersmiths works of art, the interior received a rich and plentiful leather garment overshadowing everything Mercedes (and even Designo) can do. Not only that leather found its place on every surface, but the central console and the dash were heightened a bit making everything more appealing and luxurious in comparison with any other G-wagen. However, some might find disturbing the squared off steering wheel. It looks like they’ve taken it from a Ferrari.


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