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The MV Agusta/Zagato F4Z Revealed! – First Impressions?

We were expecting to give us a big reveal next week, but instead, they’ve revealed a few images a week earlier than expected. Now that we can see it in all of its glory, we’re not sure what to think. The collaboration between the two iconic Italian marques has intrigued us over the last few months. We’ve seen teasers, screen grabbed shots, and a few design sketches – and the idea was really exciting. However, we’re not sure whether we love this, or hate it.

Built on top of the incredible platform, we already knew that whatever Zagato came up with, it would cause controversy and divided opinions. The problem is this: the MV Agusta F4 is a truly beautiful motorcycle, and changing anything about it should be strictly forbidden. However, Zagato have a long history and they’ve put their stamp on some of the world’s best super cars. If anyone was allowed to tamper with this proverbial classic, then it would have to be Zagato.

But the results aren’t what we expected. It certainly is original, which is a very hard thing to achieve with a motorcycle design, so it must be applauded. Not only is it original, it’s manages to marry two contradicting themes together quite nicely: luxurious, sporty curves similar to the sports cars of a bygone era, and a devastatingly futuristic design ideal. It’s weird, but it works. To call it “beautiful” might be a stretch though.

When you think of MV Agusta, you think of unaffordable, sumptuous luxury and mind blowing extravagance. We’re not entirely sure that this matches up to the ideals… Then again, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, so give us your first impressions. Is this a bold and that ticks all of the right boxes? Or is it just plain ugly? I’m undecided.


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